new (?) ad agency news aggregator: agencyrecord

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This site agency record is new to me. Which may mean it's been around for ages. Anyway, at the risk of seeming hugely out of touch, I'll draw your attention to it as it seems like it may be useful for anyone working in this business.

Here's how it describes itself:

Agency Record was created out of a necessity. Spend enough time in
advertising and you learn it's always best to keep an eye on everyone
else – creatively and from a business standpoint. We never had one
source for this, one place that just sort of kept an up-to-date record
of the agencies and what they are up to.

So we made one.

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content is syndicated to the site by dynamic crawlers that glean all
the best info from the most relevant sources. Additionally, we crawl
the twitter space, dynamically following the currently most relevant
twitterati in advertising. All this information is broken up into a few
segments – News and Agency.

News is news from all the best sources, syndicated here. Plus our own featured articles now and again.

Agency is the syndicated voices of all the players making the most noise.

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Planned Additions:

Galleries of the best and most current work.
Job boards

We hope you enjoy this, share it and use it.

Haven't had much time to explore it yet but it looks interesting. So, here I am sharing it.

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