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Wieden + Kennedy extended its relationship with Arla foods (producers of Lurpak butter and Cravendale milk) in May last year when we pitched and won the Lactofree business. Lactofree is the UK’s only product range that has all the taste but
none of the lactose of real dairy. Lactofree is gently filtered to
remove the lactose – the sugar found in milk that can cause
digestive problems.

The new campaign is now being rolled out across digital
channels, TV, cinema and print/advertorials and will continue throughout 2010 in the UK.
The idea is all about encouraging dairy avoiders – people who have had to 'finish with' dairy because it didn't agree with them – to mend their
broken relationships with dairy.

Here are a couple of examples of the work:

14 thoughts on “new campaign for lactofree”

  1. You reckon? Surely only in the sense that an inanimate product is given a voice. Which would also make them similar to the Pillsbury Doughboy, Peperami, Weetabix (the old Neat Weet gang), the singing California raisins and that campaign where the Renault talked to the driver, like in Knight Rider. Or even the “I’m a Mac” campaign. To name a few off the top of my head.

  2. Neil, you just said it. It’s not ‘fresh’. Sorry. Start seeing beyond the obvious PR and you will see the great work from the good from the mediocre. Your agency is capable of doing all three. Unfortunately you seem to be defending the mediocre. Well, your call.

  3. I have to say that these are well written, funny and have a clear, single minded message. Wish I’d done them. Well done.

  4. Neil you’re missing the point. Yes characterising the product has been done to death, granted in different ways. Also last time I checked peperami, Weetabix and singing raisins weren’t inanimate. Not in the same way as your ad and Fallon’s anyway. Come on it’s so similar. Just stick in a wine gum in stead of a glass of milk and you’ve got the same ad!

  5. Yes, and Star Wars was just a rehash of 40s adventure serials.

    An extremely well-made, profoundly influential rehash.

    These commercials are funny and they sell the product. It’s much better than a campaign that, while original, is wooden, poorly-executed and completely unrelated to the product.

  6. And James and Morley are presudonyms of people who work in the London office?
    C’mon. Do some cracking work and we are your fans. Give us medocre stuff and we will tell it like it is. Doesn’t mean we don’t like you. We just start thinking where are are the Michael Russofs and Walker/Goodens?

  7. Not pseudonyms (or presudonyms) of anyone working here, as far as I know. What can I say? Similarity to Confectionery Co genuinely hadn’t occurred to me. (Our idea is about a broken relationship with dairy. Theirs is about…er, trumpets.) We’d never consciously copy something. And if we did so unconsciously and then noticed a resemblance, we’d pull it and do something different. But if you don’t like the campaign, fair enough.

  8. I did not know that. That makes me feel bit better. If Fallon can do the same ad for all of their clients then so can you I guess.

    Still, great ad(s) though guys. Sexy bread/donuts should sell everything IMO.

  9. Bring back the Michael Russoffs, Ben Walkers and Matt Goodens. Really.
    The last good tvc you guys made was an o.k produced Navigator commercial for India. Which of course you did not feature on your blog. (Wonder why?)
    Guess what, it did hit the web in a big way and was popular.
    Looks like you are losing touch with what’s really good and what’s not.
    I would repeat:
    Bring back the Michael Russoffs, Ben Walkers and Matt Goodens. Really.
    And don’t be so sarcastic about misstypes (pseudonyms)
    And why am I so concerned? Don’t know. I guess I still love advertising. And I still look at Honda Grrrr and think, hey this business doesn’t really suck.

  10. Radha – no need to ‘bring back’ Ben and Matt, they CD’d the new Lurpak work that breaks next week and they’re hard at work on Nokia. Maybe Michael will come back. He’s a free spirit.
    Am I losing touch? That’s entirely possible. But I don’t think I made any claims about how good our work is. All I said was that similarity of Lactofree work to Natural Confectionery campaign (stationary product speaks) hadn’t occurred to me until Baz mentioned it.
    We did feature some of the Nokia navigator work for India on the blog. Here’s the link:

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