Wieden + Kennedy continues to hit ‘best of decade’ charts

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Welcome to Optimism is proud, delighted and a wee bit overwhelmed about the end of year/decade 'best of' lists as Wieden + Kennedy continues to pick up plaudits in the trade press roundup of the last ten years in advertising. AdWeek named WK Portland's Coca-Cola spot 'It's mine' best Superbowl ad of the last ten years.

Meanwhile, Advertising Age named WK New York's Beta 7 campaign for Sega as one of their ten best non-TV campaigns of the decade.

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And Wieden + Kennedy had three entries in Ad Age's best ten TV commercials of the last ten years:

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Nike 'Move' from WK Portland:

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Honda 'Grrr' from W+K London.

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…and Coca-Cola 'Happiness Factory' from WK Amsterdam.

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