our very own sartorialist

No-one knew we had our very own sartorial expert within W+K. Mark sneakily keeps his excellent fashion credentials well hidden under an array of safe tshirts. Very clever.


It was only when he told me my top makes me "look like a squid" (see below) that I realised what a style guru we had in our midst.


Look at the silky crenellations….

Stay tuned for Mark's Daily Sartorial observations. 

a lovely W+K wedding

Emma R writes:

Anna, Emma, Goffy, Daz and Stu were lucky enough to be guests at TV producer Jon Chads’ wedding on Saturday and reported back that it was a fantastic day. Zoe, the gorgeous bride, looked stunning and Jon himself looked very spiffy in custom-made tails. His speech got laughs, his band got everyone on the dance floor and the bottomless champagne got us very merry!


The happy couple


Back off now ladies, he's married. Goffy, Jon, Emma, Anna.

Daddy Chads!!

Anna, Stu, The Daddy (of Jon), Emma

Big Little Ideas

It’s been a few months since we launched our ‘Big Little Ideas’ product range so we wanted to see how they were doing in the big wide world of retail. 

The good news is that it’s good news – highlights for us are that we’ve sold over 10,000 ‘Pass The Salts’, as far as Japan, South Africa and the USA. Happy Sacks are on sale in the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and Saatchi Gallery (London) and there are over 3,270 Dan Wieden Rulers out there! 

We’re super chuffed and are even thinking about having our own on-line shop in time for Christmas. Wouldn’t that be nice? 

Pass the salt…..


Are you female, sporty and interested in shaping the future of NikeWomen?

    Nike swoosh

Nike is looking for sporty girls to join a global online community, Nike Girls Team.   

Nike Girls Team will provide feedback on everything, including Nike products, events and marketing.



Girls, aged 17-22, preferably based in London (or able to travel to easily), who want to have their voice heard, who would love to be a part of shaping the future of NikeWomen and who are up for having fun.  One small catch…they can’t work for Nike or on our account at an agency.



30mins of your time each week to give us your feedback and be actively involved in the community.



As a member of Nike Girls Team, you will have access to the top designers and marketers at NikeWomen. Your opinions will be heard. You will get sneak previews of our latest products, receive products to test for us and win some NikeWomen gear.



Just fill in the survey below by Tuesday 29th Sept 10AM.







our dan (the other one) commands an audience

Yesterday we went to the Fairtrade Foundation commercial conference. It was a top level affair, a mixture of their licensees, MPs (well, one) and associated organisations talking about the impact Fairtrade has had on their business and consumers' appetite for ethically sourced products, "Value for values" as Joanne Denny Finch put it.

In the middle of this was our Dan Norris sharing a stage with Cheryl Sloan, Marketing Director of Fairtrade. They were talking about our new approach and why we're doing what we're doing – in a nutshell, make Fairtrade more accessible to the mainstream by making it warm, human and easy to understand. As he sat on a table with the MD of Starbucks and the CEO of Cadburys Dan realised this was a pretty high powered audience.

But with customary charm he presented our work to 250 people in "the biggest scariest creative review" he had ever been in. Nice.


off on sabbatical


After five years at W+K London we are each entitled to a
four week ‘sabbatical’, even the Managing Director. So, this is Neil Christie
hanging up his blogging boots for the next month and leaving W2O in the care of
Graeme Douglas, Emma Marsland and anyone else at W+K London who feels moved to
post something on here. I’m going to be mostly out of contact from September 26th
to October 26th.

I’ll be travelling in the Himalayas – Nepal, Bhutan and
Ladakh. I hear they have excellent casinos, fine dining and the world’s best
pole-dancing clubs, which is just what I need to recharge my batteries and come
back eager to get stuck into the next five years.

In my absence – good luck, work hard and please keep
yourself nice.