pop me up

This Is Why We Meet (WK's latest window project) is in its third week. This week we've had an amazingly eclectic bunch from Camberwell College of Art & Design including designers, a ceramicist and a drawing graduate. This motley crew are Chris King, Joel Stephens, Carl Guilhon and Philip Li.


The fruit of their collaborative labour is Pop Me Up, 'the pop-up advertising agency'. For more info take a look here.

Come along to the launch of this installation on Monday 3rd August at 6pm at 16 Hanbury St, E1 6QR and keep up on what they're up to here.

newspaper award for Honda ads


As reported in The Guardian:

Our campaign for Honda to celebrate staff's return to work as its
Swindon factory re-opened has won an award for best national newspaper
campaign of last month.

The campaign featured poems in praise of workers at the plant, which closed for four months earlier this year because of the slump in car sales, against a background of images evoking factory life such as bacon, a cup of tea and an iron.

Honda's ad featuring the bacon rasher (below) has been named best national press ad for June in the Awards for National Newspaper Advertising.

five ads in the campaign have
been nominated for the national ad of the year of awards to be held in

Judge Darren Bailes of VCCP said:

"The reopening could have been swept under the carpet all too easily
– the shutdown being seen as a real blow to the pride of the brand. But
thankfully client and agency saw sense. This recession is something
we're all in together, the workers and the manufacturers are all in the
same boat.

Bacon, irons and mugs of tea make it seem far more real than say,
the rebooting of a robot arm. Good news for the people of Swindon. Good
news for Honda. Good news for the guy who delivers the bacon."

For more info see the ANNAs site.

Also interesting to see that news coverage of the economic situation in the UK continues to refer to the "Honda effect".  Not that we coined this phrase, of course. We picked up on it following a reference by Bank of England Governor Mervyn King, in a speech at the Lord mayor's banquet. Sounds like a swanky affair where they probably weren't tucking into mugs of tea and bacon sarnies.

Honda bacon

Read The Directions And Directly You Will Be Directed In The Right Direction


It's week two of W+K's window project This Is Why We Meet. We saw three shoe makers and a costume designer from London College of Fashion (the lovely Kristy White, Hollie White [no relation in case you were wondering] Frankie O'Dowd and Yuliya Krylova) battling with sling boxes, latex, leather and a tonne of blue paint. The resulting work from their collaboration they have titled Read The Directions And Directly You Will Be Directed In The Right Direction. A bit of a mouth-full!The team have layered up colours and textures on the surface of our windows on Hanbury St.They have suspended a seriers of handmade and utterly surreal tools (using their adept cordwaining abilities) and are inviting passers by to use these tools, and their hands, to leave their mark and alter the surface of the glass. Through becoming part of this process the public are able to reveal a video screen, enabling the audience on either side of the road to temporarily face one another, temporarily engage eye contact, and to be temporarily confused and enthused.

It seems to be going down well with our vertically challenged neighbours.

Anything that gets Londoners making eye contact with eachother is pretty good in our books.

If you can't make it down to see the exhibit, take a look at their working and the final result here.

The Truly International Platform Open Day


The Platform open day was held in our new event
space on Friday 24th July.
It was pretty amazing to finally meet 28 of the 40 candidates in the flesh in
London. Many of them had travelled long distances to be with us: from the USA,
Taiwan and Japan as well as from Germany, Belgium, Romania and from the Arctic
Circle. The candidates came from many different backgrounds including physical
computing, architecture and urban planning, model making, film, stop frame
animation, journalism, photography, digital graphics, spatial and product
design, economics, journalism, illustration and fine art.
The day kicked off at 11.00 am with a warm welcome from the Platform team as well
as an introduction to W+K from Tony and Kim plus their splendid drawings. There
was also a stunning array of biscuits to be enjoyed!

Throughout the day we put the guys through their
paces with a series of tasks and interviews. Hopefully it was less like 'The Apprentice'
and a bit more 'Platform's Got Talent'!
The candidates were assessed by the Platform team as well as by an external
team of W+K people and some Platform patrons.  
The day was exhausting but
tremendous fun and everyone seemed to get a lot from connecting face to face.
 But don’t take our word for it; here’s some of the candidates' feedback on
their Platform experiences.

‘But this is also exactly what makes it so exciting and appealing to me!
Getting to try things, and work with people I might not otherwise get the
chance to work with. I'm hoping it might give me a taste of things I haven't
even considered for the future. And if something like that takes hold of me
then I'm totally open to that.’
Will Hooke, U.K.

‘This was my first international experience in advertising with a really
involving process and I can say now, when I have time to look back and draw
some conclusions, that this kind of experiences is really the answer to how to
keep a balance between personal development and team work. Because I think this
kind of multicultural team effort has a lot to do with my personal development
and it is often the missing part of what I call creative education. I wish
there was an open day every single week 🙂
Thanks again and looking forward to seeing how the Platform grows, step by
Elena Negrescu, Romania

We are holding the second open day at Wieden + Kennedy New York
this Friday for the remaining candidates. From the 40 candidates shortlisted we
will then be selecting the final twelve who will start at Platform on 09.09.09. The
final twelve will be announced on Monday 3rd August.
A huge thanks to everyone who participated or contributed to the open day. We
couldn’t have done it without you.

Gardening with gusto

Louise S writes:

After a rather wet Thursday morning the sun banished the rain clouds and we set off on our worthy gardening expedition. The garden was a little worse for wear but after just an hour or two's hard work it looked great again. Every month W+K provide a few pairs of volunteer hands at Broadway Shelter for the homeless and try to encourage the residents to take part.  They were a little reticent on this occasion after all the rain but we hope they'll get to enjoy the garden and those lovely veggies. 



You Turn Us On

Chelsea Image

Week 1 of our new window project This Is Why We Meet saw Chelsea College of Art & Design (Kiwon Hong, Daniella Kemal, Hannah Newell and Grace Schofield) inhabit the new garage spaces 'over the road'. In here the team concocted a mad-capped, camp-as-Christmas, game show-esque interactive installation entitled You Turn Us On (sneaky peek above from the private view). They insist that it is 'freephone to play' and will be installed in the windows of Wieden + Kennedy until the 27th July. If you can't make it down to Hanbury Street, you can experience the work online and LIVE here.

Next up are London College of Fashion. Watch this space.

Sweet beach huts. Almost no pun intended.

A while ago we alerted you to an old friend Vicki and her brilliant sweet shop, 'Suck and Chew', on Columbia Road. Well now in a glorious collaboration, our very own Laura Vent has designed the window display for 'Suck and Chew'. Jars of sweets and their very own gorgeous huts to languish in. 

Oh to be beside the sea. 


onedotzero press launch

Early this morning, we
(Tony D, David, Eze, Sermad and Karen) participated in a press launch for the
onedotzero annual festival at the BFI on the Southbank.  onedotzero is a
contemporary, digital arts organisation with a remit to promote innovation across
all forms of moving image. Their international festival has been the largest
dedicated digital film festival in the world for the last ten years and
kicks off its global tour on 9th September in London.

Here is Tony just before things got under way:

Tony d 

We have been appointed to create the brand identity for this year's festival –
which we presented (despite still being something of a work in progress!) to
the gathered press. 

Press event 1 

Press event 2

This year's festival theme of 'convergence and
collaboration' inspired us to take advantage of onedotzero's vast fan base and
constant, online conversations to create this new identity. We have harnessed
dialogue from twitter, facebook, etc, and have channelled the content via
specially produced software devised by computational design wizard Karsten
through colourful 'ribbons' that move organically as if alive.

These ribbons gravitate towards invisible paths that then spell out
onedotzero's font and logo.  It's tricky to explain – have a look at the
teaser below!

It's ever-changing and
totally live – and by the time the festival launches, we will have created a
fully interactive installation that anyone can play with.

For more info, see this piece in design week.