new corporate identity guidelines for planners


Planning director martin Cole (right) is implementing new standards for uniformity of presentation from strategic planners. This is not merely a matter of 'matching luggage' – all touchpoints will be cohesively integrated for 360 degree consistency of the W+K planning experience. Theo Izzard-Brown (left) demonstrates how this is working in practice.

Honda Insight Launches Across Europe

Here's the brand new campaign created by W+K Amsterdam for the European launch of the new Honda Insight – the first work to break since the agency's appointment last November.  The film below details the making of the 60" TV spot 'Let It Shine', detailing the complex physical production that went in to the shoot which included aerial footage of hundreds of Honda Insights.  The film is immediately followed by the ad.

This campaign marks the first in a series of products being advertised under Honda's new environmental brand platform 'Everyone Wants To Be Good' and was created by Zach Watkins, Craig Melchiano and Mark Sloan and was creatively directed by Jeff Kling, John Norman and Sue Anderson.

Twitter. Twittering. Twittered.


Some thoughts from Hemant:

Just about a year ago, we
were shooting a film in a studio located in the outskirts of Mumbai. It
wasn’t going according to plans and we got outside to get some fresh
Three kids came by and we took some pictures. The little kid was
fascinated by the digital camera when we showed him. For about fifteen
minutes he marvelled at how he could see himself on the screen.


Then he got bored and moved along with his brothers.
We learn to be amazed, get familiar and be amazingly bored by technology in a matter of days, if not minutes.
A year on, technology has exploded in my life.
"Digital or die." That’s the catchy new mantra for the new age
advertising agencies. The business of advertising has changed and a lot
of us around the world have been left running, panting, exhausted in
trying to keep up with this rabid advance in technology.
Back home in the ad world of India, there is talk about digital.
Cautious talk. Some are trying to justify the analogue. Some do not
know what exactly to make of the new age.
But in November twitter showed us a glimpse of the future.
The twittering that happened during the Mumbai attacks was phenomenal
for two reasons. One for the revelation of how technology will work in
the future. And two, that it happened in India.
Here is a country where a massive percentage of the population doesn’t
even have access to basic food and education. And the remaining are
sucking the last drop out of the 156 kpbs juice. That twitter would
become big overnight because of those 4 days in Mumbai, is a topic
better googled than written about here.
The world truly has moved on. Back in the days, as they say,
advertising used to influence popular culture. What I have begun to
notice is a reversal. The people are beginning to influence
advertising.  How many times have we seen youtube videos rip offs by ad
And while we grunt a few decibels of denial, thousands, if not millions
yet, people are twittering in India. Some updating their friends with
their bowel movements, but some using the technology for powerful,
meaningful purposes. Like this tweet I found from Wildlife SOS India.
We learn to be amazed, get familiar and be amazingly bored by
technology in a matter of days, if not minutes. And it will be
interesting to see how soon the ad world grunts off its denials and
embraces this new world. Before people get bored and move on to newer

eilidh’s memorial ride

This piece of film is a video done by IMG of a memorial bike ride that took place recently for a girl who worked there called Eilidh Cairns. She was killed in an accident with a lorry when cycling to work through Notting Hill earlier this year.

Eilidh was very good friend of one of our account directors, Helen, who asked us to post this piece of film both as a tribute to her friend but also as a reminder to everyone who cycles into work to take care.

Hundreds of people took part in the ride from Kentish Town (where Eilidh lived) to Notting Hill (where she died) and was organised by the guys at Fixed Gear.

It was an incredibly special day as you can see from the film.

We know this isn't traditional blog fare but it is supposed to be an uplifting tribute to Eilidh rather than a sad one. Now the days are getting sunnier and more and more people are cycling; it's just a reminder to stay safe when you're out there enjoying the cycle to and from work.

Eilidh's Memorial Ride from Giles Carlin on Vimeo.

breakfast day

To celebrate the completion of our recent LURPAK commercial, HLA and THE QUARRY took a few of us from the agency out for breakfast.

When I say ‘out for breakfast’ the actual idea was we’d make our own. Sausages. We’d make our own sausages. That was after we’d butchered the pig.

Truly. Here’s Simon, the director.


Surprisingly, it wasn’t as gruesome as it sounds. (Or looks). In fact, it was very educational.

The first thing I learned was that Ben looks like a proper butcher.


Whilst Matt managed to still look like Matt.


Anyway, first things first, you do need a real butcher.

Meet Phil…


Phil told us where they get their pigs. How they live, how they’re slaughtered. And how you know who slaughtered them. He told us where the different cuts and joints are located, and how to carve them.
By the time we came to making sausages we all had a great deal of respect for both the pig and Phil. Here’s the main event, making sausages. First Phil…

Phil makes

Then us…

Us making

(I’m the idiot in the middle trying to figure out how mine broke).

Ben butchering

Told you he looked like a butcher.
Finally here are our breakfasts. Neat,eh?


A big thank you to HLA. A big thank you to the Quarry. (Great idea Bruce).

And a big thank you to the Blackfoot Butcher in Charlotte Place.