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Hero honda

Alex Conaway writes:

The world of Honda has drawn us to more exotic surroundings than Hanbury Street. 
We've started the new year with a trip to Delhi to spend some time with our Indian W+K colleagues.
Being of the car industry persuasion we're of course fascinated to find
out the Indian driving test consists of having to navigate around a
roundabout (trust me, no easy task) and park the car.  Once you've done
that, you're through.  This would go some way to explain the total lack
of road rules. 

Back of cab

Straddling two lanes and excessive use of the horn for
example.  It's not a question of braking, it's more about steering out
of the way to avoid a stationary object (more often than not a person
or a cow).  It's day two, and we're still rather nervous passengers. 
It's actually a right hoot, but there have been times when various
other modes of transport were about to join us in the back seat.


It's a
miracle but it all actually works.  Just don't ask me to drive myself.
Still on car related things, the variety of cabs is briliant, we've had
a couple of Vanettes (minature motor caravan type things that are like
a Corgi toy car), an old fashioned HM Cab, tiny little Suzukis and
finally an Audi.
We've had one curry, where Bill Clinton ate in 2000.  We bypassed the Presidential Platter and also the Chelsea Choice Plate.

Oh, and we're doing some work too…here's our 'war room'.

Meeting room

Looking rather
Kubrick, I thought. Those walls will be full of ideas tomorrow, promise.
And here's the temporary Delhi office conveniently located above a
Honda showroom.  We haven't tried the rocking horse yet. 

Rocking horse

And no,
this is not our washing.


ideas foundation


Attended a meeting this evening of the mentors' council of the Ideas Foundation. This is an educational charity founded by Robin Wight of WCRS. The Ideas Foundation ams to help creative young people connect with the creative industries and to broker partnerships and projects between industry and education.

Here's how they describe what they do:

We spot & develop young people’s creativity.

We pilot creative education projects and champion transferable skills within the creative industries and beyond.

provide effective work experience, internship and apprenticeship
opportunities. We signpost further & higher education routes to
creative employment and enterprise.

Seems to be a very worthy cause so, having had my arm twisted a little by Robin, we have signed up to the Mentors' Council, along with many of the UK's larger agencies.

Robin stephen

It was an interesting evening and the representatives from the students presented very persuasively in front of a tough crowd of agency top bananas. And me.

BBH kindly hosted the evening and laid on the refreshments. There was no wine from Sir John's vineyard but I was intrigued to see that own-brand BBH water was provided. Blimey. It's hard enough for us at W+K to organise beverages for meetings in pots that will pour without spilling. If we need to have our own brand of tea to compete we're going to have to raise our game to the next level.
Mind you, the only flavour of crisps provided by BBH was ready salted. And at W+K you may well be offered smoky bacon. Or even prawn cocktail.

But now that the gauntlet has been thrown down I'm resolved to make plans for our own brand of beverages and snacks.

Bbh water

another new face


Michael Sinclair
started today, and is another person who should really help us push our interactive work.  I think
we're officially calling him a 'content guru', or something like that.
Above is a picture that Michael has approved as “good”.  As
you can see, he’s also making an attempt to wrestle the “Best Specs in
The Agency” crown from Noe. (See below.)


nokia 5800 launch


Big week
for Nokia last week: the Nokia 5800 went on sale here in London – the
very same week the millionth unit was shipped – attracting eager
punters (and us) who waited from the early hours in the wind and rain.

Best bit: Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson performing on a giant six square metre touch sensitive dancefloor.

The 5800 is Nokia’s first touchscreen phone – as well as being
brilliant for listening to music on.  Look out this week for the
official UK retail launch, through operators and mobile stores.


Some of W+K's work was also on show, also soon to break on TV.

Nokia store


nokia 5800
The london paper

welcome clare and danielle

Clare t

This is Clare Toolan.

She joins us today from Red Bee Media where she
was involved in the rebranding of the rather dryly
named TV station UK Gold+1 to "Dave – the home of witty banter".

She was previously at Euro & DLKW.

And she is a good mate of Lisa Prince. 


And this is Danielle Bassil. She joined us last week in Creative Services as a Project
Manager. We finally prised her away from her last agency, Krow, at the second

working holiday in London

Gwen Yip spent some time working with us a wee while ago and her experiences are chronicled in her charmingly illustrated style and collected in a book: Working Holiday in London.




Gwen says:

The book is available in Hong Kong.
And we'll probably make a simplified Chinese version to be published in
China (China market is huge!!!).

I do hope to make this book available in London.
I'm trying to talk to KKOutlet and Magma, but nothing is precise yet.

In the meantime you can get hold of the book from Gwen at her website.


W+K testimonial:

Ben and matt

O wad some power the giftie gie us to see oursel’s as ithers see us


Slightly late with a Rabbie Burns commemorative post – yesterday was the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scotland's national bard.

Rabbie himself would have been chuffed to see the above piece of promotional material, currently on display in a London pub. What an interesting glimpse it affords of how Scotland is currently viewed. It would appear that this pub took the novel approach of employing a small child to develop advertising materials for scotch, in the medium of chalk. (In recessionary times this may seem to be a more cost effective option than employing a poncey advertising agency.) The young artist, apparently not selected for this task by virtue of any precocious artistic skill, has chosen to depict what may be a scene from the grounds of Balmoral. Prince Charles, clad in highland dress, is on his knees praying to a slavering devil-dog/wolf-type beast (possibly a were-ghillie of some sort), which has its paw on top of a bottle.

The text reads, "Since 1836. Glenfarclas. SINGLE HIGHLAND MALT."

What does this all mean? Has the werebeast stolen the Prince's whisky and is he begging it to return the bottle? Is the Prince performing some sort of exorcism intended to drive the evil spirit from his faithful hound?

As Burns himself might have observed, "Wi' usquebae, we'll face the devil!"