Hanbury Street to Kernow and back

Lucy writes:

Some notes from my visit to University College Falmouth’s

M.A. Creative Advertising last Friday:


Clotted cream advertising everywhere at Newquay airport.

Clotted cream ad

Falmouth very, very, very, windy. Glad I bought hat.

This year’s course are a very international bunch,

including students from Russia, USA, India and Holland.

Falmouth 08 course

14 very different Run London campaigns presented.

1 very impressed W+K creative.

2 large plates of very nice crab sandwiches demolished for

Crab sarnies

(Note to self, it was well worth moaning about sandwiches last year.)

…but no tea bags in the whole building!

2 winning teams collected the fabulous T shirt prizes.

Congratulations to James & Carl and Aisha & Murtaza.


1 large round of applause to Mr Chris Waite and Mr Rob Kitchen

being such fantastic course leaders and all round hosts.

And finally 1 belated 'Happy Birthday' to Miss Stefanie Forbes.

I’m sorry I missed the geek party, it looked totally square.



anna, jade and luca ‘go public’

Annas phone

Somebody else's phone

are now into the 7th week of the Nokia Supernova 'somebody else's phone' campaign, and there has
been a new element added to enable greater interaction from fans.

The site is now in 'Public Mode', which  is allowing fans of the campaign to SMS, MMS and voicemail
the characters and, in most cases, receive a personalised response to
their mobile. 

Jade SMS

These sent and received messages also appear in on the
microsite in real time, thus allowing fans to play a really active and
rewarding part in the soap operas that they have been following for the last few weeks,
and building on the high level of interaction already offered by the Facebook pages.

Jade facebook

Over the coming three
weeks fans will be able to advise the characters on their pressing
issues, influence their stories, give them hints about what they think
might happen in the future, and even tell them when they think they're doing the wrong thing.

The phone numbers of each
characters (below) are displayed on their Facebook pages, and are
leaked on the microsite when the characters SMS/MMS the Public.

Anna:  +447595780370

Jade:   +8613818811424  

Luca:  +13232189629

You can get involved, text the characters anything you like, and wait and see what you get back!


2008 creativity 50


W+K co-founder Dan Wieden was named in the Creativity 50 for 2008 along with the likes of daft Punk and the Coen Brothers as one of the most inspiring creative figures of the year. Here's what they said:

For a long time,Nike has been what we
talk about when we talk about Wieden.
And Nike still provides much fodder for
conversation—tongues, ours included,
sure wagged when the agency's second
skin client moved a piece of its running
business to CPB this spring. But, lately,
there have been so many, many more
Wieden talking points. Coke, for example.
The best of the agency's "Coke Side
of Life" campaign made doing work for
the notoriously difficult client look easy,
culminating in a truly sweet creative
victory—having the best spots in last
year's ("Video Game" out of Portland
and "Happiness Factory" out of
Amsterdam) and this year's Super Bowl
(Portland's "It's Mine"). The Factory, of
course, has proved especially longlegged,
with a sequel, a documentary
and, recently, a website added to the
franchise. Portland distinguished itself
this year with a strong new campaign
for Old Spice and New York continued
to demonstrate the agency's entertainment
chops with a well received TV
series, Nimrod Nation. Meanwhile,
W+K went on a new business killing
spree, landing big ones like the global
Nokia account,Visa World Cup duties
and a couple of Heineken brands. And
did we mention Nike? Among other
Nike highlights, W+K produced a skateboarding
film and threw in one of the
best spots of the year—"Leave
A creative re-org put Jelly
Helm and Steve Luker in charge of
Portland and the agency forayed into
India, while Papa Wieden himself
remained the strong center, providing
that fierce independence, hands-on creative
leadership and spiritual guidance.

On getting big and staying good:
"From the minute someone contacts
you and says, 'Would you mind pitching
this or talking to us?' is the first thing
you ask 'What do you spend?' or is it 'Is
it an interesting category' and 'Are there
people there who are willing to experiment?'
That's the main thing we look
for. Because we are independent we
know that if we continue to do good
work the money will follow.We're not
really all that good at politics, and
sometimes our presentations suck, but
what gets us out of trouble is the work.
And the work may be a conceptual idea
or a business idea or production of film
and entertainment. And we're damn fun
to work with."

from the land of the ice and snow


Neil christie in snow gear

The intrepid W+K team journeyed this week to Kammi in Lapland for a two day planning session. This involved an exhilarating snowmobile safari through the snowy forest, a trip across the Russian border and an evening at Zone bar in Ruka, a place where handrails like the ones you find for the use of standing passengers on a bus have been fixed to the ceiling to give the exuberant young patrons something to hang onto for support while dancing on the tables…
Zone staff 08_2

 …which they did pretty much continuously. Except when we were hogging the karaoke.

The snowmobiling was totally brilliant.

Snowmobile instruction

"So, if in the forest you are set upon by wolves…"

We were warned not to shut off our engines if we went off the track on
our snowmobiles as there had been packs of wolves in the area recently
killing reindeer. Our guide claimed to have fought off a wolf recently
with his knife. He seemed serious but it can be hard to tell…

Kevin and tony

Chesters and Davidson not paying proper attention to snowmobile safety briefing.


Snowy branch

Snowy trees

W+K founder Dan Wieden looked a little apprehensive about the snowmobiling expedition.

Wieden in snow gear

But we achieved our target of zero fatalities.

We also got naked (yes, yes, completely naked) in the smoke sauna and lashed our sweating selves with twigs and leaves (Tony was particularly enthusiastic about thoroughly scourging himself) before running out into the snow for a plunge in the frozen lake, a hole having been broken in the surface of the ice to admit our quivering bodies. The quite excruciating coldness of the snow on your bare feet on the run/slip/hop between sauna and lake made the freezing black lake water seem almost not so bad. Someone described the immersion as feeling like ‘having your skin pierced by a thousand tiny needles’. Which didn’t necessarily sound like something to look forward to. But it was certainly an invigorating experience that left us all feeling much refreshed.

We stayed in beautiful log cabins, constructed from massive tree trunks and extremely cosy inside.

Arriving at cabin

Planning Director Kevin Chesters kept us entertained throughout the trip and particularly when he took over the mic and performed a "comedy" monologue that lasted the entire duration of a half hour bus ride.

Kev on mic

He was assisted by prompts from Nic Owen: ‘Tell us about your granny and the Germans! Tell us about your geography teacher! Tell us about you first date with Mrs Chesters!’ (For the record, this last anecdote involved a romantic dinner at Subway. Knowing that she was French, Kev though a baguette would be just the thing. Kev being tall and Mrs C being not, the rumour is that she doesn’t yet know of his baldness.)

Apart from the sauna, the snowmobiles, the karaoke, the comedy and the evil liquorice-flavoured liqueurs, it was all just work, work, work.

Finnish festive greetings from Nic and Ben:

Santa and elf

…and also from Matt:

Gurning gooden