A really good ad. For financial services brand. At a time like this. I have no idea what 'contactless' payment is, but this makes me feel better about Barclaycard than anything I've seen since the days of Rowan Atkinson's MI6 agent character.
It's not a radical reinvention of the communications model but it is beautifully done: great casting, great music, terrifically entertaining and engaging. Respect to BBH.

3 thoughts on “waterslide”

  1. Smashing stuff. Best ad I’ve seen in ages actually. The music’s perfect and I like the squeaky bit when he get’s stuck. (I’m imagining it with Rowan Atkinson in it now…)

    BBH, you say? Well that’s just saved me 5 mins Googling the creators. Cheers!

  2. i like it a lot.
    interesting how the credit card companies seem to be inhabiting the same strategic space.
    first ‘life flow with visa’ and now this.

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