Swallow The Gentleman’s Club

The Gentlemans club

These fresh-faced, young
whippersnappers are The Gentleman’s Club, five 3rd year Graphic
Design students from UCA in Epsom. Together we have been working on an
advertising project for the last 5 weeks. We played Ad Agency and for a change
I got to be the client, Mrs Persil. The boys were the ad agency and we have
spent the last few weeks refining a campaign aimed at students. We’ve had some
highs, Stuart getting drowned in a rather dirty puddle in the name of film
making. And some entertaining lows, Elio ‘s extensive day glow sportswear
collection. Today was our last session and the boys turned up with a large cake
from Patisserie Valerie. So that’s a big, fat A grade all round then.

Stuart, Paul, Elio, Barrie
and Anthony I salute you and your half built fixed gear bikes.

Now who’s got the cake slice?

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