perkins in shanghai

Perkins with drink

It's Ian here, blog world, hello.

I am currently in shanghai, where i am about to work
with W+K shanghai till the end of the year. I have been out and about
my first few days soaking up some Chinese culture. (see above.)

I have to say Shanghai is amazing. Wo ai Shanghai (I love it). It's really amazing
here. I managed to use my basic mandarin to order food and drinks and
have been understood so far which is pretty nice. On my second day I
was told I have a baby face and rabbit teeth by a nice girl on the

The pictures are of me drinking when I met up with
scott, liana and kerli who I know from W+K. There's me sight seeing…

Perkins in shanghai

then there's a tv ship that plays adverts on the river…

Ad boat
Love her

…a terrible
haagen-dazs advert "love her, love haagen dazs" (hopefully I can do better
when I get into some projects).

There's an ad agency sign from the
shanghai advertising company, just round from W+K, which sums up
everything that we ad folk offer in a nice little montage. 

Shanghai advertising

newspapers are displayed each day on the streets (i just look at the
pictures- it was of the chinese astronauts space walking).


There is a mild sulphur smell in the air from all the
construction work, but i haven't found the pollution too bad, but it's the
end of typoon season so i guess the wind is keeping it clearer.

All in all an amazing start to my time here, it's really tai hao le (great).

servant of hydra


Excellent brass skeleton sculpture seen in Spitalfields market this morning. Obviously based on Ray Harryhausen's models for Jason and the Argonauts. That scene where the skeletons rise up out of the ground to fight Jason and his men had a formative influence on me as a wee boy.

Ray Harryhausen Jason Argonauts skeletons

I wonder if I can persuade folks that we NEED this skeleton for the office.

Skeleton 2



Here is Wieden + Kennedy London's new window display: GRAPPLE.

It’s big, it's industrial and it's by a young artist called James Capper.

James graduated from Chelsea College of Art this summer. He had his first solo exhibition in London this year and we liked his work so much we invited him to do a piece for our agency window on Hanbury Street.

James has a fascination for industrial and construction devices, designing and building interactive machines with a life of their own. And since this year’s window theme is interaction, we thought it would be a good idea to let people try out one of James’s machines.


If you're passing, feel free to have a go. No hard hat needed.

If you want to see more of James’s work, visit the Hannah Barry Gallery

Grapple grab times: Monday – Friday 6 -7, Saturday – Sunday 10 – 4. It's a bit noisy for the people whose desks are nearby, so we've had to limit hours of operation.


welcome to martin

Martin Cole

This Is Martin Cole, who we are delighted to be able to say is joining us as Planning Director of Wieden + Kennedy London. He's currently one of the founding partners of Santo London and prior to that he was at WPP, Grey and BBH.
He has produced and presented TV shows for Channel 4 and been a successful recording artist for Virgin. He's an innovative thinker, a brilliant strategist, a good guy and, not insignificantly, he has more hair than the rest of the management team put together.
As well as working out his notice at Santo, he's about to become a dad, so he'll be with us in early December.