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Wieden + Kennedy Baking Club was back with a vengeance today – all eyes on the Cookie.

According to Wikipedia, in the States and Canada, a cookie (or cooky) is a small, flat-baked treat, usually round, containing milk, flour, eggs, and sugar, etc.

It would seem that at W+K, 'small', 'round' and 'flour' are not necessarily considered essential.

The pursuit of the title of Cookie Monster was an open race. 

Two recent additions to the third floor made their debut appearances. Clemens and Sarah stepped up, the first providing enough cake-like biscuits to feed a small nation, the latter baking the most perfectly formed of chocolate baked goods.  A valiant effort by both.

Spanna Fairclough – a baking-virgin – may have underestimated flour as a key ingredient, yet whipped up what was seemingly very tasty toffee. A potential queen in the making for W+K Fudge-off…

Cake King Ryan suggested he may have taken Perkins' mantle in the absence of the 'alternative baker' himself. 'Nuff said.

So when it came to the crunch (and the cookie crumbled!) it was a close-run race between Louise "Millie" Hill and our very own First Lady of Baking Club Bodoh. 

Louise, ronnie, sophie

So much so the judges deemed it a dead-heat between Lou's raisin and choc chips and Sophie's chocolate / cocoa / double choc chip / Green & Blacks / Cadbury numbers.

Despite surprisingly low participation in this tranche of the now-established third floor baking competition, record numbers flocked to taste the goods for themselves.

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