Bunker Lover

Lucy writes:

I spent Wednesday holed up 3 floors down in the P3 space
beneath Westminster University. I was taking part in a workshop day, 'Cascade' an educational programme which is part of this year’s Onedotzero
‘Adventures in Motion’ Festival.

It was an experimental education workshop mixing students of
different ages and from different schools and colleges with different cross
disciplinary practices. 50 students from Camberwell, Chelsea, LCC and
Westminster University worked in 6 groups to document, map and record a
response to a piece of work by Interactive Light Architect Jason Bruge, with
their final concepts being some sort of city intervention.

Wednesday was creative process day and myself and Tony
Phillips, Creative Director of Digital Communications at Imagination were asked
to give presentations to the students on our respective companies and our
creative practices and talk about some examples of collaborative city based
projects we have worked on. I talked the guys through Run London North vs South
and the Nokia Regent Street Christmas Lights and handed out Dan Wieden
inspirational badges which seemed to go down well.

The P3 space is a huge, industrial, concrete bunker, the
place where apparently the concrete for the Westway was tested.

More educational workshops are going to be happening in the
coming weeks with more colleges and schools get involved adding further
momentum to the Cascade project.

If you fancy seeing the results the finished projects will
be presented at the Education Symposium at the BFI Southbank and Imax on Friday
14th November.

Plus the wider Onedotzero festival will also be running
between the 14th– 16th November.

As ever it’s the best place to check out the world’s most
innovative motion arts and entertainment.

Thanks for having me Sophie and Shane, I loved the project and the bunker.


1.onedot poster

3.Team Bus stop

2..P3 arrow

4. Big screen

5.Team Oystercard

6. Plasticine

7.Team phonebox

8. Dan badge

9.Team Tetris

10.Neon P3

11.Team UV


reporting a theft

The crime:

The original:

We believe we may have tracked down a suspect. Evidence on YouTube points to the oddly named Batey Ads of Singapore.

This isn't a case of 'inspired by', or 'referring to' or even 'hommage'. It's just bloody copying our ad. Poor show. Anyone out there know anyone at Batey? Can they confirm that Batey did this work and do they know why they so obviously ripped us off?

Swallow The Gentleman’s Club

The Gentlemans club

These fresh-faced, young
whippersnappers are The Gentleman’s Club, five 3rd year Graphic
Design students from UCA in Epsom. Together we have been working on an
advertising project for the last 5 weeks. We played Ad Agency and for a change
I got to be the client, Mrs Persil. The boys were the ad agency and we have
spent the last few weeks refining a campaign aimed at students. We’ve had some
highs, Stuart getting drowned in a rather dirty puddle in the name of film
making. And some entertaining lows, Elio ‘s extensive day glow sportswear
collection. Today was our last session and the boys turned up with a large cake
from Patisserie Valerie. So that’s a big, fat A grade all round then.

Stuart, Paul, Elio, Barrie
and Anthony I salute you and your half built fixed gear bikes.

Now who’s got the cake slice?

A great south run

Last Sunday we (Laura and Sophie) went on a road trip to watch the Great South Run in Portsmouth. We're working with Nike on their sponsorship of the Great Run Series and, showing unerring commitment to the cause, Laura took part in the 10 mile slog in torrential rain.

Here are a few pics:

Laura car
Nervous pre-race smile from laura

A woman breaks down at the finish line – made Laura cry

Laura vip
1hr 24 mins – not bad at all

Laura massage
Reaping the benefits of VIP in the Nike+ tent

Paula pops in for a massage and a photo after breaking the British 10 mile record.

Well done Laura and Paula.



Alex writes:

Wieden + Kennedy Baking Club was back with a vengeance today – all eyes on the Cookie.

According to Wikipedia, in the States and Canada, a cookie (or cooky) is a small, flat-baked treat, usually round, containing milk, flour, eggs, and sugar, etc.

It would seem that at W+K, 'small', 'round' and 'flour' are not necessarily considered essential.

The pursuit of the title of Cookie Monster was an open race. 

Two recent additions to the third floor made their debut appearances. Clemens and Sarah stepped up, the first providing enough cake-like biscuits to feed a small nation, the latter baking the most perfectly formed of chocolate baked goods.  A valiant effort by both.

Spanna Fairclough – a baking-virgin – may have underestimated flour as a key ingredient, yet whipped up what was seemingly very tasty toffee. A potential queen in the making for W+K Fudge-off…

Cake King Ryan suggested he may have taken Perkins' mantle in the absence of the 'alternative baker' himself. 'Nuff said.

So when it came to the crunch (and the cookie crumbled!) it was a close-run race between Louise "Millie" Hill and our very own First Lady of Baking Club Bodoh. 

Louise, ronnie, sophie

So much so the judges deemed it a dead-heat between Lou's raisin and choc chips and Sophie's chocolate / cocoa / double choc chip / Green & Blacks / Cadbury numbers.

Despite surprisingly low participation in this tranche of the now-established third floor baking competition, record numbers flocked to taste the goods for themselves.


A really good ad. For financial services brand. At a time like this. I have no idea what 'contactless' payment is, but this makes me feel better about Barclaycard than anything I've seen since the days of Rowan Atkinson's MI6 agent character.
It's not a radical reinvention of the communications model but it is beautifully done: great casting, great music, terrifically entertaining and engaging. Respect to BBH.

postcard village

L gallery

Laura writes:

For as long as I can remember I have always collected postcards. I didn’t realize that I was a collector until one day I caught myself spending £11 on a single card.

Although I love all postcards my particular favourites are the 1960s and 1970s cards. I adore the fabulous Technicolor of their blue cloudless skies. They’re totally unreal. Yet while the images are amazing, the key thing about postcards that I really love is the fact that the only place you usually send them is home.

You can be anywhere in the world, Timbuktu or Skegness, and still send the same sentiment – I’m thinking of you.

So my tribute to these wonderfully human, little postal treasures was to create a village out of them. For me, a postcard means home.

Postcard village

Laura Vent's Postcard Village is currently on display in Wieden + Kennedy London's L Gallery in our reception. Officially London's second smallest gallery.