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Summerbelle blog

Our Fat Controller, Simon Summerscales left us recently to go off travelling with his family. You can follow their journey on the famille summerbelle blog. They're currently in Tokyo.

They're also getting the family business going. Famille Summerbelle creates desirable decorations and acessories for children's rooms.

Summerbelle site

Their website says:

Famille Summerbelle is Julie (designer and creative director) and
Simon (all the other stuff) and we are the proud parents of Ophelia.

The name Summerbelle is an amalgam of our two family names and the
French ‘Famille’ is just a simple but meaningful nod to Julie’s

What matters more is what we are trying to achieve. Our designs and
accessories are created to achieve a delicate balance in decorating a
child’s room: an inspiring and reassuring space for the child which
retains the creative, elegant warmth that we try to achieve throughout
our homes. A room for everyone.

They have some nice stuff on the site, so if you have kids it's worth checking it out.

coffee to go


We were talking yesterday in an agency meeting about sticking to our principles in challenging times. News just in from Portland is that we've resigned the Starbucks account.

It's been a tough relationship with Starbucks for the past 4 years and their recent business performance only amplified the challenge. We were burning people out and it was affecting morale at the agency. So we decided to resign the account. The news has already hit the trade press in the States. (See below.)

It's another sign of our independence. Not sure you'll find any other agency resigning a piece of business in this financial climate. But things weren't right and it was time to end it. No direct financial impact on us here in London as Starbucks wasn't a client here, but the good news is we can now work with tea brands in the UK!

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) — Wieden & Kennedy said it is parting ways with Starbucks, ending a relationship that began in 2004.

"There are times when it just makes sense to part ways with a client," Wieden founder Dan Wieden said in a statement. "In this case, this seems to be the best decision for both parties."

A call to a Starbucks media hotline wasn't immediately returned.

Wieden, which also handled media buying and planning for the coffee roaster, had been responsible for the first large-scale advertising in Starbucks' history, including its first TV push last winter.

But Starbucks' business has fallen on hard times of late. In July it announced it would close 600 stores.

visit of the Japanese delegation

Bags on chairs

Rather strange meeting yesterday with some Japanese visitors. We were expecting journalists but, going through the bog stack of business cards I was given, they turned out to be mainly from Japanese agencies like Dentsu and Hakuhodo. All done via translator so hard to tell what they made of us – a bit like doing a videoconference with an incredibly long time lag.


Somewhat unnervingly, they filmed and recorded everything. So I took my own pics of them.

Audience 2

stair thee well


Laura writes:
The second Wieden + Kennedy London stairwell exhibition was put on display this morning.


'Allegories & Macabresques' is the dark, unsettling vision of young Polish photographer and quantum physicist Andrzej Dragan. These portraits, including the one above of director David Lynch holding a hen, were conceived around the Portuguese proverb, ' Those who see faces do not see hearts'. When confronted with these images it is uncertain exactly how they relate to their supposed point of conception. Is Dragan revealing the true essence of his subjects, or creating grotesque caricatures? Are the subjects complicit and in control or ignorant of the way in which they are being presented to the world? Have they designed their personae, masquerading for the purposes of the ‘image’, or are they ‘true’ representations of characters from the darker side of humanity? Dragen doesn’t feel the need to answer these questions and we are left wondering who and what we are looking at.

Hmmm… This exhibition has been touring galleries in Europe and it’s a privilege for us to have Andrzej display his work on our back stairs.

More info on Andrzej Dragan can be found here: http://andrzejdragan.com/

Stairs 3


moustache day: the results

Moustaches 1 

Moustaches 2

Moustaches 3

Richard writes:
After a very
hairy office last Thursday, both the volume and variety of facial hair
on Friday was quite overwhelming, so thank-you to all those whose top
lips took part.

Moustache cups

The results were officially as follows:

Best Woustache: Lucy Collier who admirably wore her fuzz through all her morning meetings.

Lucy's woustache

Best Tom Selleck: Unanimously went to Tom Seymour who looked uncannily similar to 'the' Tom Selleck (minus the Hawaiian shirt and Ferrari).

Tom (selleck) seymour

Best Moustache: By a curly whisker went to Matt Joiner for his superb handlebars.

Matt's moustache

Other notable entries included Sermad, who received most votes, but by
cruel quirk of fate was thwarted from trophy glory by said votes being
spread over 2 categories. Pat, for being the first entry (by a
considerable 2 weeks!), Perkins for an incredible late developer, and
Jon Tapper (you deserved more votes). Neil Christie, Jim Welch and
Paul Jordan also deserve a heads up for actually looking surprisingly

Thanks go to Ronny and Holly for organising cocktails, Donna for her
judiciary assistance, and to all understanding spouses for not leaving
their partners over the growing or trimming proceedings.

Till next year. Get growing…. 

spitalfields music


A post by Clare Lovett of Spitalfields Music, with whom we've just done some work on a rebranding project.

I work for Spitalfields Music as the Programme Director for
Learning and Participation and this was my second experience of a re-branding
process, and entirely different!  Anticipating long and involved meetings
with circular discussions I initially approached the offices with
trepidation.  Differences started from right inside the front door, with
an exceptional reception area and very friendly staff, in fact over the course
of the project there was always something new to discover in the offices! 

 Things I remember about working with W+K

  • Strange Russian dolls in
    the amazing reception area
  • Socks, socks and socks
  • Fun and concentrated
  • Inventive approaches
  • Waving my arms in the air
    to keep the lights on in the meeting room
  • Laughing
  • Design/project research
    wall in the stairwell
  • Cake
  • Great concepts and
  • Eagerness to try something
  • Regularly going one step
  • Rapid and pragmatic
  • Lots of special attention

The project took place in a very short space of time and was
an amazing experience, and great to get to know such a wonderful bunch of
creative people.  The new branding is a creative project in itself and has
inspired us to think of new ways for people to encounter Spitalfields
Music.  And it’s just the start.

So here's the new logo created by W+K for Spitalfields Music (viewfinder using traditional
and modern typefaces to show glimpses of the Spitalfields area and the
musical instruments). Spot the Brick Lane graffiti and the Gherkin in there
along with a guitar fret-board, a trumpet and a microphone.

SMF_final logo_sm

The rebranding work is part of an initiative to bring about a widening
of public perceptions around the 'Spitalfields Festival'. The new
'Spitalfields Music' brand encompasses all other year-round events and
teaching that the organisation provides, as well as the main summer and winter festivals. As neighbours, we were happy to be able to get involved and help out.

There are a few things happening under the Spitalfields Music umbrella in the next week. Find out more about open rehearsal events and singing bus stops in the Spitalfields Opens Up listings.

golf day

On the eve of the Ryder Cup, yesterday saw the 4th annual W+K golf day at Hever Castle Golf Club. Although lucky with the weather, some of the participants weren't so lucky with the unpredictable train journey from London Bridge down to deepest darkest Kent. A missed train and then a cancellation probably wasn't the greatest preparation for such an important sporting event. However the steely professionalism shown in difficult circumstances was admirable.

First to tee off nervously was Team Walker. l-r Simon Charlesworth (Nike), Ben (W+K), Danny Micklethwaite (Arla).

Team Walker

Followed by Team Davidson: l-r Simon Pestridge (Nike), Tony D (W+K), Ian Armstrong (Honda), Chris G (W+K).
Team Davidson

And finally Team Harkness: l-r Ed Collin (Nike), Stuart Harkness (W+K), John Thompson (Arla), John Hardman (Morgans).
Team Harkness

The golf may not have been of the highest standard but the competitiveness certainly was. Some interesting side bets were struck: Tony D and Simon Pestridge's bet for an expensive bottle of red wine went all the way to the 18th hole  – Tony still hasn't learnt the art of letting the client win.

The longest drive competition had to be scrapped (twice) due to not one of us managing to hit the fairway. And the nearest the pin prize was won by the only person who managed to put the ball on the green.

The overall prize was contested very closely with Danny 'Doesn't he look like Gareth Gates' Micklethwaite pipping Chris 'Metronome' Groom and Ed 'Bandeeet' Collin into second and third place respectively.