crayfish dinner

Crayfish before

Traditional Finnish crayfish dinner in Helsinki with Nokia. Above: crayfish before. Below: Luhr tucks in:
Luhr eating

Some time later: the aftermath.
Crayfish after

Have to admit that, for the beginner, the crayfish seemed like quite a lot of effort for not much reward in terms of meat gleaned from the shells. But It was a splendid evening, complete with vodka and Finnish drinking songs.

w+k tokyo – new site

Tokyo who we are

Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo has a new presence on the interweb-thing with the launch of

 The site was CD’d by Eric Cruz, designed
by Mark Okon and Gino Woo, produced by Shane Lester and programmed by CJ Cenizal. 
With the exception of CJ, who freelanced for our guys, the site was created completely
in-house.  Both Japanese and English speakers can now learn more
about what we’re W+K Tokyo is up to on the little island they call home.

Have a peek when you have some time. 

Tokyo peeps

new Nike ads




Short of time so I'm going to borrow copy from Mark Sweney's piece in The Guardian:

Nike's press campaign, created by ad agency Wieden & Kennedy London, features three Nike-sponsored London 2012 hopefuls.

It will break in the Sun and the News of the World this weekend as the Beijing Games draw to a close.

ad features Brixtonian NBA basketballer Luol Deng, who will be part of
Britain's first ever team to make the Olympic finals in London 2012,
who appears to be about to slam dunk a ball into a piece of machinery.

shoots a thousand hoops a day," says a line of copy in the ad. "Now
he's counting down until he comes home to compete in four years' time.
I'll be ready."

A Nike spokesman said: "It is not a case of using
athletes who have success already but ones with potential next time.
There is a heightened sense of expectation and anticipation after the
success of Beijing."

Nike has also created press ads featuring
19-year-old middle distance runner Emily Pidgeon and 17-year-old
sprinter Ashlee Nelson both training in scenes that look like Olympic
construction building sites.

The ad featuring Nelson will also
run as an outdoor campaign, while the Deng ad will run as an instant
messenger banner linking to Nike's website.

olympic ads

According to The Wall Street Journal Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam's Coca-Cola Olympics ad has been one of the most popular spots with US viewers.

WSJ says: Coca-Cola's whimsical ad dubbed "Bird's Nest" was one of the
best-remembered and most-liked commercials during the first week of
NBC's prime-time Olympic coverage, according to IAG. The spot features
birds making a nest that is modeled after the Olympic stadium in
Beijing. The animated creatures make their new home out of straws
swiped from Coke bottles and containers.



These are the rules at wieden + kennedy. Famously found in a desk drawer by David Kennedy when clearing out his stuff to leave his old job and start the new agency. He and Dan Wieden said, 'These will do as the rules for the new place.' And it has been so ever since.
Interesting to compare with the rules of nightclub security as explained by big-haired Patrick Swayze as Dalton, the world's best bouncer, in the brilliantly bad movie Road House, which I was watching the other night.  Dalton's rules are:
1. Never underestimate your opponent
2. Expect the unexpected
3. Be nice
Wise words.
The movie ends with the classic closing line, 'A polar bear fell on me.'

renny recommends


W+K interactive strategy director Renny Gleeson did a little show and tell session for us last night.
Renny's presentation was so provocative as to stimulate spontaneous facial hair growth in the audience.
Bearded men

Just for fun, here are links to some of the stuff we talked about: (twitter search tool) (Renny's netvibes page that shows what he reads to keep up) (a flickr search tool that WILL FIND YOU PICTURES YOU WANT) (the twitter/summize tool searching twitter for 'love', 'hate', etc.) (MadV on YouTube – he did the "one word" video thing where folks wrote on their hands) ("Follow Your Instinct" Choose-your-own-adventure video) (jonathan Harris's whale hunt site) (Jonathan Harris's blog 'feeling' scanner) (Star Wars "Revelations", the first ten minutes of the Fan Film.) (The falling sand toy.  Try it. You like it) ( – the endless playlist and song recommendation tool – this is an invite from Renny to join)

Http:// (great website, clean interface, amazing films) (the converse spelling bee) (the flickr group where people dump out their bags and photograph and tag the contents) (clicking 'whatever it is they say it is' link lets you choose by brand to see responses to date) (the user generated news source that feeds many blogs around the web) (different ways to look at the stories and experience of digg through some pretty freaking cool interfaces) (the timeline builder into which you can import flickr, blogs, twitter, etc, and see them on a timeline) (pulls sunset images from flickr in an endless slideshow) (Miranda July's stovetop interface) (the video of the NIN secret concert and "raid" by SWAT team – the conclusion of the Alternate Reality Game)

and as a bonus,

the future of pornography (mapping avatars/real world persona over robots you can interact with)

the robot that will hunt down the last surviving humans: