Stuart writes:

The other night, we had a bit of a planning department
shindig.  It was something of a
send off for me (I’m leaving W+K next week, after more than five more than
amazing years).

It was one of the most remarkable nights ever, though most
of the details need to stay on tour. 
Let’s just say that you should never, ever, drink cranberry sambuca.  Ever.

We went to Cousins Jill’s – a pretty special karaoke bar,
underneath a pretty unspecial Korean restaurant, in Mayfair.  Here’s Lisa, part-planner, part-chameleon, requesting Argentina not to cry for her:


Paul pointing out to Sophie how karaoke works:


Martyn giving it the big ‘un, with Richard on backing drinking:


Oh dear:


I sang ‘Leaving On A Jet Plane’ (I’m going to work in New
York… do you see what I did there?).

I love all the planners dearly and will miss then massively.  But they won’t miss my singing… they
bought me singing lessons as my leaving present.

Sweets from a sweetie

One of our much-loved and
much-missed exes, superstar copywriter Vicky Maguire, has recently opened up a
traditional sweet shop on Columbia Road, here in London’s fashionable East.  It’s called
Suck and Chew:


thought it would be nice to give it a plug here.

you pop in, say that Wiedens sent you. 
She might not give you any free sherbet lemons, but she’ll hopefully give
you a free smile.


New balls please

Sam writes:

Please give a warm welcome to Luke Bedford, who has joined the Nokia global team, as a full time account executive.
Luke bedford

In a previous life, Luke was a professional tennis player and was actually ranked no.42 in the country, when he played for the under 14’s England team.
At 19,  he started his own tennis coaching business so if any of you are looking at brushing up your game then give him a shout.
I’ve heard his rates are highly competitive in and around the East End of London.

Stuart writes:
I’m sure he’ll be popular here for more than just two weeks in the year.

New creative faces

Well, their faces may not be creative, but their minds are.  This is Adam Tucker:
Adam Tucker

He has joined us as a freelance creative for a while.

This is Viv & Sum:

Viv + Sum

They have joined us on creative placement for a month.  From the comments we get on this blog, some of our placements seem to achieve cult status.  Can Viv, Sum, or the sum of Viv and Sum achieve the same?


Stuart writes:

I must say, I do rather agree with the t-shirt; I heart New York too (just as well, as I’m moving there soon). But what about New York blogs? Do I heart them as well?

Whilst Neil is away topping up his already top tan, it falls to me to top up the blog. So far I’ve blogged about biscuits, trainers and lookalikes, so it’s high time I blogged about what planners normally blog about. So this is a blog post about blogging.

Whilst I don’t blog myself that much anymore, it remains true that in the Venn diagram of planners and bloggers, the intersection is fairly populous. Seth Gaffney, a planner at our New York office, alerted me to the blog that he has helped start for them, which goes by the name ‘Shut Up, We’re Blogging‘. And very nice it is too. Very New Yoik.

Picture 1

L Gallery

Not many people think that our reception is a reception.  They think it’s where the till and stroppy assistants are, because most people walking past think we’re a shop.  A shop selling cheap tat, but a shop nonetheless.

We’ll, in an effort to add to the confusion, we have just started ‘L Gallery’.


The little cabinety area in front of Ronny & Holly (on reception) has been transformed.  It is now a space to show interesting projects from people in the agency.  Oh… it’s a little ‘L-shaped’ cabinety area.  Hence the name.  Do you see?

First up is ‘L Gallery X Kicks Featherstone’, Guy Featherstone’s trainer

collection (or ‘sneaker collection’ if you’re of a persuasion to say ‘sidewalk’ and ‘diaper’).



As well as the trainers, at the moment, we have socks hanging up everywhere.  Next month… veruccas.