why, oh why?

Do I think I’m good enough? Well, I think my punctuation exceeds the required standard.
Is it only me who sees things like this and thinks that if this is the level of attention to detail they pay to their own publicity, then they’re unlikely to be very careful with my plumbing?

4 thoughts on “why, oh why?”

  1. I think they’re probably as good as any other plumber out there. I’ve never met a particularly articulate one.

    I’m with you in general though. I’ve had an idea about making a Microsoft office paperclip sticker and sticking it on misspelled/badly punctuated work after I underline it in red or green spray paint.

  2. What is worse, the company for not spell checking, the designer (I´m guessing they used one) or the vinyl people for not spotting the error? Hmmm…

  3. You’re completely correct – I hate seeing this type of simple mistake. From the person who created the copy (whoever they may be within the company) to the person who printed the graphics, to the person who applied the graphics, to the person who collected the van. If no one spotted this then it really does signal a fundamental lack of detail and observation within the company.

    I wouldn’t want them anywhere near my house!

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