I don’t like cricket

Cricket crowd

A bunch of us went to the Oval on Friday to watch Surrey vs Kent Twenty20.
Cider was the winner.
Ian Perkins’ quote after getting to Oval tube and walking into the Surrey Oval:
‘Err, so is this Lords?’

7 thoughts on “I don’t like cricket”

  1. Dear Mr Christie,
    Since you’re so fond of slagging other people’s ads in your blog, care to comment on Honda’s glorious Turkey of the Week? Unless of course, it’s too painful.

    Like giving birth, perhaps?

  2. “Fond of slagging other people’s ads”? In nearly five years of blogging I think we’ve only done it 4 or 5 times. Woolite, Suzuki, Expedia, and…er, Malmaison point of sale are the ones I recall where we were so provoked as to be uncharitable in our criticism. You’re right – negativity is easy and it’s nothing to be proud of, especially here where ‘Welcome to Optimism’ are our watchwords.
    Turkey of the week for Honda press? You can’t get too upset about stuff like that. Put it this way: Honda ‘Choir’ and Honda ‘Jump’ didn’t get Pick of the Week. Ford Fiesta ‘Dogbot’ did. Go figure.
    I haven’t given birth myself but, having been present at a couple of births, I can say that TOTW involves significantly less blood, sweat and tears than delivering a baby.

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