hot 5 on 5 action


NABS. Charidee. The beautiful game. A barbeque.
You’d think it would be friendly.
What could be further from the truth?
Ben went down under a human sack of potatoes from
Don’tWantToNameNamesButThinkItWasProximityTheyCouldLayOffThePiesABit in
Game 1.
(His bruised arm makes the Incredible Hulk look pasty).
Robbie: Unjustly sin-binned for being a bit too good.
Jim: Plays like he looks. Nuff said.
Dave: Tore apart several sausages with the leftover meal tickets.
Everyone (especially Tom): On the end of a savaging from the intense Hanger Lane sun. Aloe Vera and Arnica all round.
As for the cup run?
We modelled ourselves on Wesley Snipes in White Men Can’t Jump:
Look good and lose.
Here’s some sexy pics for the WAGS……

MD meeting in Idaho

Wieden + Kennedy's managing directors met this week in Sun Valley, Idaho to review things, make plans and shoot stuff.
MD retreat

Global COO Dave Luhr explains 'What I expect from a strong MD'. It's a long list, the full details of which cannot be divulged, but it includes fluency in five languages, an HGV driving licence and dexterity in making funny balloon animals.                                   

Shooting party

Later that day the MDs were equipped with shotguns and had the opportunity to shoot at under-performing employees.

Above foreground: Tom Blessington (MD Portland). "What happens in Sun Valley stays in Sun Valley."                                                                         
Kel shooting

Above: Kel Hook (MD Shanghai).


The group prepares to dine on elk.  On far right: Trish Adams (MD W+K Tokyo).                           
Lee and claudia

Lee Newman (MD Amsterdam) and Claudia Valderrama (global FD). "This is not a sustainable model."

Claudia and dave

Claudia and Dave.                                                     
Mohit and renny

Mohit (MD Delhi) "This is such a magical place" and Renny (Global Director of Digital Strategies).

Renny's shirt

Renny managed to procure a pudding that matched his shirt in such a way as to make pudding and clothing virtually indistinguishable.                                          

Buz shooting buck

No sporting event in Sun Valley is complete without a few rounds of Big Buck Hunting.

Above: Buz (MD W+K New York) takes careful aim.
Below: the unfailingly competitive Luhr demonstrates the utterly engrossed approach that became known as, "Oh my God! The zombies are attacking the house!"
Luhr shooting buck

Animated violence mild


1. beautiful

Some lovely muffins, this morning.

And so it came to pass that the jack off was followed with a muff-off.
Muffins. Simple baking, again allowing room for creative flair.
And what flair we saw.

3. tasting

4. the judges

The judges.

Our two guest judges, Ronnie and Nat, chomped, chewed and nibbled their way
through all the entries, marking on looks, taste and presentation.

Mr richard hooker attempted to steal the show with his "amazing exploding
muffin mountain" which contained fizz-candy laced muffins topped with
sparklers… like something from willy wonka. 

2. pyrotechnics


But fancy tricks and gimmicks were no match for good solid taste, and it soon became clear we had a bit of a muff-battle on our hands/mouths.

Chris Groom's outstanding lemony muffs zinnged us. Ryan F's poppy seed treats wowed us and Sophie Piper's looked like they'd come from the shops. Ian followed his savoury burnt flapjacks with savoury burnt muffins, keeping his entries at a consistent standard. But In the end It got down to Helen's scone-like muffins and Gail's cherry and white choc chip beasts. With all her Scottish cooking skills, Gail pipped Helen to win the 2008 W+K muff off.
5. The winner

The winner.

Many thanks to queen of the muff, Sophie Bodoh, for organising it.

if you like kittens, you’ll love this

Acrylic kitten

Lisa writes:


My husband and I are in an art exhibition with a few other artists (yep,
I am now technically an artist) doing weird and wonderful things with
the kitsch kitten aesthetic. Think cats in clothes to the power of 10.

Please come down and check us out. Private view invite attached.
Opening night June 26th. It’s just down the road near Broadway Market.

Lisa (the artist now known as) Prince.