agency meeting


Agency breakfast meeting this morning at which lots of new people introudced themselves. They each need to reveal a secret about themselves.


This is account director Andy. He’s training to be a pilot, in the hope it will impress ladies.


This is account manager Elizabeth. She used to be a journalist and once interviewed Jason Donovan. (Wow!)


This is PA Holly.


This is account manager Jessica, whose secret involved being thrown out of a hotel.


This is planner Liana, whose secret was illegal and too secret to reveal in full detail. She also crunks.


This is creative Louis-Philippe. He’s French Canadian and he used to be very dirty. But he’s cleaner now.


This is producer Lucy, who kind of cheated by saying that she’s very good at keeping secrets.


This is planner Paul, who helped lobby the government for the legalisation of cage fighting in the UK. So don’t provoke him.


This is art director Pete, who was delivered (as a baby) by the same doctor who delivered the UK’s first ‘test tube’ baby.

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