Strange presents


Friday afternoon Karen Jane and Guy received a surprise package from Portland. (Not the Portland office, just Portland the city.) Inside, they found these babies… Pez dispensers styled in the image of their recent Darth Vader customisations. (See previous post.) We don’t recognise the name of the sender – Joel Colley – but we think they’re ace! Thank you Joel!


place your bids for magic W+K pen


Available from eBay here.

This is no ordinary N50 Pentel Pen Marker, this pen was ‘liberated’ by myself during a failed attempt to gain a place on Wieden and Kennedy’s WKside scheme.

This pen appears to have soaked up the creative energy flowing around the Wieden and Kennedy studio and, believe it or not, has the power to create award winning ad campaigns entirely on its own.

I’m not entirely sure how it works, it may be something they put in the ink. I am, however, sure Wieden and Kennedy would like to keep the secret of their successes away from competitors almost as much as rivals would like to get their grubby mits on this little creative Holy Grail.

Therefore I am confident of making a pretty penny one way or another and it looks like my interview wasn’t entirely fruitless.

Happy bidding


“Impressive, most impressive”

As part of Star Wars 30th Anniversary celebrations, two of our designers (Guy and Karen Jane) were asked to contribute to the ‘Vader Project’. Artists and designers were given life size replicas of the famous Darth Vader mask to customise whichever way they chose. Our chaps have been working away boiling bones and sticking hair onto their masks, which were shown at the exhibition held at ExCel last weekend. ‘Celebration Europe’ was Europe’s largest Star Wars party, bringing the best of the Star Wars universe together under one roof. Thanks to Lucy Collier and Keith Gray for their inspired input!
And Cassandra Rizzuto for Lord Vader’s cut and blow dry…










WKSide-Can Any Thing Be Beautiful?

We met some fantastic creative people as part of the W+K Side interview day a couple weeks ago. It was an inspiring session for everyone – certainly ourselves – and we all learnt a great deal from the day. One of the candidates wrote us a nice note afterwards and left a piece of their hidden talent on a napkin which we wanted to share – how cool is that Civic!

Dear WKside Team,

Firstly, let me thank each and everyone one of you for such a great experience. It is one which I´ll always remember. From the moment I walked into the wacky world of WK I could sense the creativity in the air and the lo…ong but extremely fun day only proved it further. It was a very interesting and refreshing experience and I really appreciate the enthusiasm, patience and friendliness with which we were all received.

I´m disappointed as the thought of the challenges which lay ahead really excited me, but I understand choosing 4 out 15 people must itself be a challenge. Having met you all and seen what you are cooking there, I´ve returned with an even stronger desire to find the creative inspiration I witnessed at WK, here. Still, I promise that on my next trip to


I will pop-in to say hello and see how my fellow candidate siders are doing. 🙂

I can´t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. Take care, and I hope to see you guys again sometime soon.




embracing the W+K way of life


Ted’s blog, Let’s be human beings, (this is his personal blog and not to be confused with the official Innocent blog, to which he contributes in a professional capacity) has a post about how he found himself inspired, nay compelled, to do the above W+K-themed shopping trip. If we keep this up he’ll find himself popping out to get a litre of Cravendale and coming home in a new Honda.

Hello L.A., goodbye Madrid

This is the new commercial from Wieden + Kennedy New York for ESPN, announcing David Beckham’s first match for L.A. Galaxy, the U.S. team he has left Real Madrid to join. The ad is set to The Beatles’ Hello, Goodbye, as performed by Son Volt. (Who played live in the Portland office recently as part of the Lunchbox concert series.)

This is just part of the Beckham publicity campaign that surrounds Posh and Becks’ move to the entertainment capital of the world. There will also be a digital takeover of the day before the game, print ads , radio ads, full coverage of David Beckham’s debut game with expanded pre and post show reports and interviews, an ESPN special one-hour documentary, David Beckham: New Beginnings and a "Beckham camera" which will follow only Beckham throughout the whole of his debut match at

Plus no doubt lots of fashion shoots, chat show appearances and magazine covers. It’ll be interesting to see whether the soccer-sceptic USA takes the Beckhams to its heart in anything like the same way we have done in Europe.