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A review of this blog from an article at Ryan Kerr Diary.

Wieden Kennedy’s blog “Welcome to Optimism” is a good example of this (type of blog). They keep write-ups of pitches they have done, new work just released, company nights out, late nights at work, new hires, and really show what it’s like to work with this extremely talented group of advertising people. It therefore serves as a recruitment tool but also showcases work to clients and prospects alike. A new prospective client gets an extremely good view of the agency and gains valuable information as to whether this is a team that they want to work with. The question though in these circumstances is whether clients really want to know what it is really like to work inside an agency or whether this is more truth than they can handle. Wieden Kennedy’s growth for the year seems to indicate that this isn’t the case and the rest of the personality of the agency is clear for all to see whilst the industry reads their blog hoping to pick up some tips on how they produce the excellent work they do.

The secret is in the magic beans.

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  1. So the question is…Does a client who has, or may hire you, like your WK london Blog…or think it’s necessary?
    Or is the question what does it bring to WK?
    Quite possibly letting too many people get to know you, the people working at WK, and your ideas might even hurt MK.
    After all why does a branding/marketing/ad machine need a blog? To advertise themselves? To emerse themselve in the blog world (along with every other ad blog, that’s only read by ad people)? Was it an experiment to not miss the blog boat (which is slowly sinking)?

  2. isn’t it completely obvious, Gunner?

    first of all, it’s a great recruiting tool (although, does WK really need that… I guess everyone does).

    second, huge PR for the agency, always worth doing something to get that (that’s what we’re telling our clients all the time).

    and last and maybe the least, it gets the clients on your side. I’m not dreaming about CEOs reading this, but some junior ppl on the client’s side do and they won’t be juniors forever…

  3. I agree blogging did have it’s moment to attract the youth of your industry. I also agree that your clients may wonder whether time would be better spent think about their company verses yours. I would bet money though that the people that read your blog the most would be clients, but people looking for jobs in advertising.

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