My brain hurts

Stuart Smith writes:

Yesterday, I went to The Science Museum to see an exhibition called Neurobiotics… The Future Of Thinking


Contrary to the above image, it’s not an exhibition that really concerns itself with the morality of neuroscience.  It’s much more about some of the pioneering techniques that are being used to stimulate brain creativity (such as cranial electro magnetism):



They had a game (sort of slow motion air hockey) that allows you control a ball’s movement with your brain.  The more relaxed you are, the more alpha and theta waves produced by your brain.  These waves are picked up and a sensors in a cap you wear, and then, in turn, move the ball towards your opponent:


And there was also a secion on how brain implants and such are being used to make you able to control computer cursors by thought alone.  Loads of practical applications in the future, not least for people with disabilities.  Here’s a short film about it:

Download MOV00149.3GP

It’s not a big exhibition at all, but it’s free and fairly interesting, so worth popping in if you’re nearby and have half an hour to spare.

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