Shanghai photos

Here are some photos from Shanghai, last week (see the post below).

We had a lot of ideas to sort through.  Some of them were even pretty good.

London went fairly low tech with their presentation, just using scraps of paper.  So Stuart tried to compensate by doing ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ by Eric and Ernie:

Whereas those flash brash New Yorkers went with a video iPod presentation:

The river is pretty neon-tastic at night:

Sudeep, our thirsty Head of Planning from Portland:

This is Kel (MD of our Shanghai office).  Fabulous host, terrible karaoke murderer of ‘Welcome To The Jungle’:

We had a bowling alley in our hotel.  How good is that?

And the food was quite something.  Yum:

But above all, a huge thanks to our W+K Shanghai colleagues for hosting a thoroughly inspiring week:


Stuart writes:

So I’ve just returned from a week in Shanghai, where some of the good and the great of W+K, and me, gathered to work together on a Nike Olympics project.


It was kind of an experiment.  Yes, we’ve done collaborative global projects before, but not really like this.  We had people from each of our six offices get together for three days, to workshop ideas and co-create a ‘book’.  Which, in Wiedens language, means a collection of ideas that combine and express strategic and creative stuff around a theme.  That makes it sound like marketing wank, sorry.  It wasn’t – it was a success.

We wanted to take the process of how we’ve been working in London for a while now, and see if it could work at a global level.  We brought together very different cultures, which made for a body of work that felt truly global, but without that lowest common denominator nightmare that ‘global’ often ends up being.  You know the sort of thing.  It always ends up being about ’empowerment’.  Or ‘passion’.  Or ‘passionate empowerement’.

And we ended up in a Christmas gay bar tanning salon.  Oh come on, we’ve all been there.

I’ve had a photo disaster, so I’ll try to get hold of some more and upload them tomorrow.  I know you can’t wait.




Wednesday night was the grand sounding ‘Private View’ of the W10K project as part of the 100 % East Design show. W10K is the marriage of Bucks College and W+K with eight resulting product babies.

It started when we won £10k for our Cog ad from an awards show and were set the challenge of investing it in a product which we could sell and make back the money.

Regular readers of this blog may remember the first unveiling of the potential W+K products.

It was kind of like the debutantes ball. Our reception was transformed into a design stand where people could browse through the workings and admire the shortlisted beauties. They were then asked to pick which one they thought would be the one we should take to market. Plenty of students came to vote, see their mates and for the beer and cake. One of them gave something back. He threw up in our loo. Other luminaries from the design world came and bestowed advice (top secret).
Voting is still going on, please either pop by or go to

unusual job applications (1)

Here’s a classic ‘how not to’ approach.

From: xxxxx
Sent: 25 October 2004 22:59
To: Natalie Field
Subject: hello again

Hello, this is the third mail that i wrote to you and allways hoping for an answer. I know sure that you have to many job reading and writing mails, but this is your job and I want a sincerely answer from your agency. The advertishing agencys always obligated us reading or watching your mensajes in Tv, newspapers in the street and others. We spend many time every days for you, then i will be writing you until you answer me a personal mail, not a mail maked by one computer. Sorry but i have take this decision and I will do it. bye

Dear xxx

I apologise for not writing to you sooner. Unfortunately I receive many mails every day so it takes me a while to reply to everyone.

Thank you for your persistence. However, we have no vacancies available for you at the moment.

I wish you success in finding a position.

Yours sincerely

Natalie Field

To: Natalie Field
Subject: RE: hello again

One day. i wrote to you yesterday and you reply today. And why do you say that are not interesting? I didn´t tell you anything about my formation or actitudes! don´t worry, I don´t want your job, I only want to verify that bad attitude is better than say please. You are fear to recived to many mail from me and this is the reason for reply. I hope that you will not do this with your friends, selfish Natalie.

awards for yakult

It’s been a good couple of months for us on the Yakult account. Not only have we seen a great increase in sales, but the lovely people at the ANNAs seem to like what we have been doing as well with the Yakult press ads wining for both July and August.

In July ‘Works nights too’ was the winner with ‘Yakult at work’ also shortlisted.



Ed, Morris, Executive Director of Lowe London, and July’s judge, said some very nice things. He thought the ad was "Simple. Iconic. Tonally bang on. Made good use of small space".

In August it was the turn of ‘Someone hasn’t been home’ to take the top prize.


We’re so excited we’re off to celebrate with a Yakult. Good morning.

the joy of business travel

Long flight to the U.S. and back over a couple of days for a new business meeting. You arrive back in the UK feeling like you spent the night on someone’s floor after a party.

Our team for the meeting was Simon Summerscales, Dave Luhr…


…and Neil Christie.


Our hotel had an interesting take on breakfast. This was the entire selection of cooked food:



A cellophane-sealed ‘sausage, egg and cheese biscuit’. That’s special. Just what the master of the unverse needs to set him up for his top-level meeting.


Welcome sight at Heathrow.