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Sophie writes:

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an email to the agency, appealing for runners. As part of that appeal, I mentioned ‘that great feeling when you receive a smile from fellow joggers passing by’. Stuart Smith (resident marathon runner) however, pointed out that in his long history of running, not once has he received a smile, wink, nod, not even vague, glazed acknowledgement from any passing runners. He’s suggested that long blonde hair, cycling shorts and a pair of new pink trainers could be the cause of the varying reactions we each receive. Of course my immediate response was to argue vehemently that people aren’t just being friendly because I’m female and that there’s a genuine feeling of empathy and comradeship within the urban jogging scene.

But after last week, I may just be inclined to agree with him. Which was a little disillusioning. Once again, we were 3. But this time an all-female, all-blonde 3. And it would be naïve to deny the different responses we received to running with Tony and Jason last week. Not only from fellow joggers, but from passers-by, lorry drivers, car drivers, shop owners, curry house waiters… To be honest, it became a little tedious.

But then I realised; if we were spreading a little aesthetic happiness in the

East London

area, whilst enjoying our jog – surely that’s no bad thing. So Stuart, perhaps you’re right. Perhaps urban runners aren’t as inclusive and community spirited as I initially believed.  But then again, maybe I’ll just carry on pretending that they are and that they’re smiling because they understand. Because that’s a nicer way to look at it.

Last week was extremely enjoyable. We went at a manageable pace and made it to 7.4km. Which we were all very chuffed with. I’m not going to bother with the street by street lowdown (we got horribly lost), but these are the things we learnt/noticed along the way:

          All of

East London

smells of Curry (even the parks).

          Running with your arms not only gives you greater momentum, but it’s a highly effective workout for the biceps.


          Running with your arms whilst looking at your feet helps you go further. Especially if you’re looking at pink trainers.

          Someone needs to invent a portable, jogging-friendly music speaker system / an i-pod device ensuring everyone’s listening to the same thing at the same time.

          Victoria Park is underrated.


          It’s fun to save a bit of energy for the final 3 minutes, and have a little race home with yourself / fellow joggers.

Until tomorrow, 1pm, reception. Hope to see you there.

Stu Pooh-Poohs The Blues (10)

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, here in London.  And because of the bank holiday yesterday, it’s a short working week.  Yay.  So I imagine there will be less need for blues pooh-poohing today.

But here’s the 10th (and final) podcast of positively positive positivity anyway.  It’s been fun.  Thanks so much for all the e-mails and comments.  Especially the nice ones.

Download stu_poohpoohs_the_blues_10_1.mp3

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midnight madness


On this site you can see footage from the finals of the Nike Midnight Madness basketball event. It seemed to be a success in terms of crowd participation, standard of ballers and the brand identity we developed here at W+K. This carried through the line and they made up the court for the Finals in the design (amongst much more). Thanks to Rob K from the WK Portland studio, who worked on the design while he was over here.

model of W+K Portland


With the release of Beta 4, Google Earth is able to support user created, textured building models. This file is a first release, using illustrated rather than photographic textures; the geometry approximate. From this link you can download and view a model of Wieden + Kennedy’s head office in Portland via Google Earth. You can download Google Earth here. (And if you haven’t already got it then you should, as it’s very cool.) The model was created by the sucktastic modelling skills of Nik Daum. Nik works at W+K Portland, so  he’s built a virtual version of his workplace. I wonder if he’s put a virtual self in there.

W+K Golf Day


How very 80s.  A company golf day.  A W+K golf day at that.  It doesn’t sound quite right, somehow. 

But the fact of the matter is that quite a few of us, and our clients, like playing golf.  Despite some of us being pretty cack at it.

So we had our second annual golf day yesterday, down at East Sussex National.  It was lots of fun.

But, just to prove we really don’t get the client golf thing, W+K folk won all the prizes.  No ‘oops, missed that put by four feet, congratulaions Mr Marketing Director’ type thing.

Art director Chris Groom blitzed everyone off the leaderboard, Tiger-style, with a suspicious round of just nine over (playing off a handicap of 15).  Banditry of the highest order.  But I’m just jealous because I (Stuart) came second.  Chris won the longest drive competition (a test of brute force bludgeoning and technology) whilst I won the nearest the pin (a test of deft artisty).

Copyrighter Ben Walker (defending champion no less, and, indeed, no more) completed the clean sweep for the agency, by gloriously trouncing the rest to win the wooden spoon.  Oh, and also the shortest drive (on the first).  Perhaps he was just doing the ‘letting the client win’ thing after all.  A lot.

our blog doesn’t suck: official


We don’t really think of this blog as ‘corporate’. As corporations go, wieden + kennedy is pretty uncorporate. And the idea that anyone could learn how to do anything corporate from watching us is pretty scary. But Welcome to Optimism has been cited as an example of how to do a company blog by SixApart, the people who host this site.  Blimey.

Anil Dash writes:

There’s a lot of healthy and well-justified skepticism about the idea of a corporate blogs, even though many of us take the idea for granted. So we spend a lot of time trying to show people how this Business Blogging thing should be done.

One of the best recent examples is at Wieden + Kennedy London. The communications agency has a fantastic business blog that’s candid, human, and shows a great sense of humor.

The piece highlights the fact that we posted our objectives for the year here and then posted a mid year review of how we were doing here. They reckon this is a good way of sharing the info with staff, clients and community.

Aw, shucks. If you want to find out what you can learn about blogging from the way we do this site you can read the full article here.

One update on those objectives is that since winning Lurpak and the Guardian last week we’ve achieved our new business goal of winning two new like-minded and profitable UK clients.

youtube spoofs of Wieden + Kennedy ads


People with too much time and too few interests have been creating home-made spoofs of our ads and posting them on YouTube. Here’s a pretty dreadful recreation of our Honda Impossible Dream spot, using an action man and toy cars:

And on this one, for some reason, someone has done a completely new soundtrack to the visuals for our Honda Cog commercial. Which is bizarre, bacause part of the hypnotic allure of the original derives from how quiet it is.

Anyway, it’s flattering and fascinating that people bother to do it at all.

In the port of amsterdam

In the port of Amsterdam
Where the sailors all meet
There’s a sailor who eats
Only fish heads and tails
And he’ll show you his teeth
That have rotted too soon
That can haul up the sails
That can swallow the moon…


And as well as the sailors, in Amsterdam this week were Tony, Kim, Stuart and Neil, to visit the Wieden + Kennedy A’dam team.


We work together with Amsterdam on shared clients – EA Games and Nike – but it’s actually rare that we get a chance beyond day-to-day client requirements to get together to discuss plans and share ideas for cooperation and collaboration between our two offices.


(Above: photo postcards of all the W+K Amsterdam people that you can pick up in reception. If you want for some reason want to send someone a postcard featuring a pic of someone from W+K.)

The visit was also an opportunity to sample one or two of the lovely bars and coffe houses of old Amsterdam. In the interests of cultural immersion we drank deep of the delights of Amsterdam, wandered by many picturesque canals, past many beautiful old houses and remarked on what a pleasant and civilized place it seems to be.


(Above: Tony – joint Creative Director of London and Al – joint CD of Amsterdam.)


(Above: Tim O’Kennedy, MD of Amsterdam.)

We finished the evening in a place called Amnesia, of which I remember very little.