all-staff email protocol

Do you work in one of those companies with an ‘all-staff’ option on the email? Funny how everywhere develops its own unwritten code about what is and isn’t OK to send to everyone (official announcements? Daft virals? Local news?) and for whom it is and isn’t acceptable to send them. One such instance arose within W+K recently, where a number of all-staff transmissions from one person, known henceforth as Mr X, elicited the following response:

Apparently it is time, once again, to teacheth the lesson.

Dear Mr X, there is a certain protocol for sending out the agency-wide e-mails. First, you must have worked here long enough. However long you have worked here, it is not long enough. Certainly, not long enough for you to send, what, five agency e-mails in the last week or so? Second, your e-mail must be very, very well received/entertaining. A subjective matter, no doubt, but this point is moot now since you severely fail to meet the first criterion.

You may be at this point thinking that you are reading a cruel and undeserved spanking. How far this is from the truth. (Mr X) boy, there was a time when by now you would have been beaten to a bloody pulp by dozens of e-mail enforcers, hung by an anti-"trying too hard" posse, shotgunned by acid-coated emoticons of birdshot. 😮

Yes, you are getting off much too easily, Mr. "Look at me! I can send an e-mail and now you’re all my friends! Hugs at my desk at 5:00!"

Will others join me in my condemnation of your undeserved freedom on the all-agency highway? Perhaps. Perhaps not. (Most often, it arrives in the form of "Who the fuck is Mr X?")

Time will tell. And rest your fingers, good man.

What do you reckon? Harsh? Fair? Funny?

For the record, Mr X came back with a pretty good one-liner:

I hope you’re an art director because your writing is shit.

WK Side update


Tesco computers need help too.


These keep cropping up on the ground near Spitalfields

This week the WK4 has become 2 + 2.


Barbs and Ben E have continued working on a document and a film for a client.

We had a really busy couple of weeks working on a project that isn’t really ad work but a theory. We’ve been here every hour under the sun and the weekend too with Guy Featherstone (Senior Designer) creating a manifesto that defines a ‘feeling’.

It’s been an adventure though; living on takeaway pizza, changing copy, a stinking hangover, weights of paper, taxis home, more names, different binds and keeping the drains working takes it out of you. We’ve had about 15 creative minds on this project, the teamwork has been great to be part of and the results are beautiful.

Since that was finished, we’re back on a couple of in-house projects and we’ve been watching films in fast forward for the last couple of days. Sounds easy – but creating a mood film is tough on your DVD remote control finger. And you’re not allowed to just sit back and watch the good bits, (Barb you’ve been warned) it’s work.


This week Ben T and Soph have been mostly rushing around


town and out as far as


(although the Queen was nowhere to be seen.)

A whole day of planning and organising paid off as Tubby and Sophie squeezed in a million interviews in 3 days. Now firmly in the editing suite, they attempt to piece together all worldly knowledge on one tape…the subject…’running’.




A couple of weeks ago we had an excursion to the



with Design guru Guy. We checked out the designer of the year award which is fantastic, go along and vote for your favourite! All are very deserving. We saw some amazing work. Our favourites were the Guardian re-design (respect to the designers on what must have been the most labourious project on earth) and Jamie Hewlett. You should see his Gorillaz sketches.

Also we should mention how great it has been working and hanging out with Guy. He is passionate about design and it really comes across in everything he does. He has been inspiring and encouraging us throughout our time here and we’ve learnt so much. He has brought out the best in all of us on this recent project. He literally has put his health on the line this week working hard and yet was still cracking jokes, making sure the tunes were good and constant and helping us out when we needed it. Keep up the vitamins and get rested, we miss you!



creative spaces

Our former planning director russell davies has been blogging about creative spaces. He’s put some pics up on flickr here.  He suggested that I contribute some pics of the office here at Wieden + Kennedy London. I did try but for some reason they didn’t appear. So here, for anyone who’s interested, are some pics of what the space here is like. We’ve tried to make it open, light and easy to share ideas in.


Dsc00010 Image097_1 Image100_1



WK side update

I managed to stumble across this leaked press release for the next level Oyster card TFL are introducing…

This first major update to the Oyster card since its release will revolutionise the way our customers use their cards to travel. The new system utilises the latest advancements in facial recognition technology as well as voice recognition technology to avoid the need for any card in their wallet at all.. The new card will be renamed “OyStar!” which is also the word, individually coded to each person, that you speak to the upgraded readers once contact with a cheek is detected. We see this as only the beginning of what the new OyStar card will let us do”

It goes on…

“It wont be long until passengers will “upload” their dreams onto the device on their way to work, and “download” important information like what time coronation street is on whilst they travel home (from work)”

It’s all about Oystar..


Mad two weeks

These last two weeks we’ve been working hard on a project and it’s been really interesting. We wish we could tell you about it because it’s the most amazing and huge project, which is outside of advertising but everything to do with communicating, but we can’t really say too much at this stage.


We’re learning new skills and it’s testing us as a group and also teaching us a lot about how to think on our feet- the project has changed a lot from when we started working on it but it’s meant lots of chances to get involved and contribute ideas.


We’ve looked at inspiration from all sources and tried our hands at writing, researching, drawing, naming, creating, designing, combining, animating, storyboarding, sewing, photography, origami, painting, retouching, Bezier curving, delegating, procrastinating, scale drawing, discussing, debating, voice-overs,  and the art of meetings. (When to speak up, when to shut up.) This has been an amazing experience, no matter what happens from here.



Seen on my way to work (Barb):


boffey’s got a brand new bag


Matt Boffey is seen here accessorising with the exclusive and desirable ‘W+K planning’ bowling bag. Available in faux leather with gothic script detailing, the Planning Bag can accommodate consumer insights, cultural analyses and econometric studies. It’s this season’s must-have item for the fashion-forward planner about town.

over 3 million downloads for ‘Choir’


We noted on here a while back that downloads of Wieden + Kennedy’s ‘Choir’ TV ad for the Honda Civic had topped 800,000. This seemed bloody good. More recent figures show that the ad has been viewed online more than three million times in just one month. Now, that’s impressive.

The huge demand crashed Honda’s servers, as the website’s bandwidth couldn’t cope with the number of downloads. This problem has now been solved by hosting the Choir clip on a separate server.

The Choir ad also broke into the Top 50 Apple iTunes downloads chart, after we produced a version of the advert in iPod Video format.

As well as the ad, there’s also a Civic microsite on that allows visitors to explore a 3D model of the new car and view video content. The microsite had a record 679,000 unique visitors during the same reporting period. This led to Honda’s highest level of test drive bookings ever. And, for those who ask, ‘But what about the sales?’ the Civic was the UK’s second best selling car (after Ford Focus) in its sector at retail in January.

another new face

Blimey. A lot of people just joined us. I guess we must be growing fast. This is Rob Kendall. He’s here on loan from the Portland office, working in our studio. It’s the first time he’s ever visited the UK. Culture shock! Meanwhile, Beanie, one of our designers, is visiting Portland. Hey, Beanie, if you’re reading this, let us know what you’re up to.
W+K, at 6 offices and a few hundred people worldwide, is a relatively small network. We try to arrange transfers and exchanges like this to spread the culture virus round the network and cross-pollinate thinking. It’s not always easy to sort them out so we’re glad this one has come off. Hopefully Rob, Beanie, Portland and London will all learn new stuff and think differently about what we do as a result.

new faces


Above are Fab and Ida, who first came to our attention when they stuck life-size photos of themselves pressed up against the outside of our windows to show how keen they were to get in.


A few months later, we’ve offered them jobs and they’re moving to the UK on a permanent basis.

Here are the stories of their lives. So far:

Fabian Berglund

Born and raised in Sweden so naturally I love skiing in the winter and playing tennis in the summer. I did a year of Television/Film studies in Sydney a couple of years ago. After working in postproduction on reality shows for a few months I then decided I wanted to get into advertising instead. Graduated from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm last summer and moved to London in August. I like it here but it’s always tough being compared with great success exports such as ABBA, IKEA and Swedish meatballs.

Ida Gronblom

The eldest daughter of the Finnish Pizza King with no intention of inheriting the throne. A bachelor degree in design brought me to Sweden working as a designer for Hennes & Mauritz where I stayed for over three years. A great experience that finally made me realize what I really wanted to do: to become an art director. So I went back to school. Since I look young and unmarried it was ok.  After two years of advertising school I came to the conclusion that Sweden’s not the best place on earth (who cares about fresh air and blond wood anyway!) so I decided to move to London instead. Somehow I seem a lot taller here, which is nice 🙂

Also new in the creative department,  Frank Ginger, who just joined from Fallon. His partner Sam Heath was featured on here a few days back.



And this is Rebecca Tickle,  who joined us today from TBWA to be account director on Honda.