new release from WK Tokyolab

W+K TokyoLAB is the independent record label run by Wieden + kennedy Tokyo. Here’s their latest release:



MTCD-1064 / WKM 008

W+K東京LABから、HIFANA “CHANNEL H” に続くのは、国内外の一流トラックメーカーをうならせる楽曲センスで異彩を放つUC a.k.a. DJ Uppercutによる待望のファースト・フルアルバム。聴きこむほどに発見のある緻密に作りこまれたトラックの完成度と、全体をつらぬくキャッチーで切れのいいグルーブ感は、まさにアッパーカット節、炸裂の一枚。MCには、ネプチューンズ・プロデュースのアルバムをSTAR TRAK からリリースするロスコ・P・コールドチェイン、ファーサイドのファット・リップ、マッドリブとのユニットLOOTPACKのワイルドチャイルド、NYのクルーD.I.T.C.のメンバーO.C.等、シーンで支持を集めるラッパー/ヴォーカリスト8名をフィーチャー。さらに、日本からはDMC世界チャンピオンDJケンタロウ、ハイファナからジューシー、強烈なライブとマルチな才能で人気のタッカーなどが参加している。 世界有数の音楽都市で育まれたDJとしての洗練されたセンスと、ハイブリッドな音楽性でUCが放つStreet Revolution2005年、現在の東京からしか生まれ得ない極上ヒップホップアルバムは、12月7日リリース。

Following HIFANA’s "CHANNEL H," W+K Tokyo LAB presents the long-awaited first album by UC a.k.a. DJ Uppercut. The more you listen to the elaborately finished tracks, the more you discover.  It is a catchy groove album exploding with the sounds of DJ Uppercut.  MCs include ROSCO P. COLDCHAIN, the rapper who will be releasing the NEPTUNES-produced album from STAR TRAK; Pharcyde’s FAT LIP; WILDCHILD, MADLIB’s partner in LOOTPACK; and O.C.of NY’s D.I.T.C. crew. A total of eight world-renowned rappers/vocalists are featured in the album.  Participating artists from Japan include DMC world champion DJ Kentaro, HIFANA’s JUICY, and TUCKER who is known for his powerful live act. Being brought up as a DJ in Tokyo, one of the world’s greatest music cities, UC applies his refined and hybrid sense of music to present "Street Revolution."  It’s a unique hiphop album that could only be created in Tokyo now. It will be released on December 7th, 2005.

And if you’re in Tokyo you can see him live tonight: 05.12.09. Fri 20:00-21:00@SHIBUYA APPLE STORE 

Apple Store Shibuya にて、DJ Uppercutによるインストアライブ決定。  

christmas party

For the annual wieden + kennedy christmas bash, we journeyed up by bus to a group of cottages in the Cotswolds. Because we were so far from home, everyone had to stay the night, which meant things got a bit messy.

Here’s Santa, who brought a big sack of presents.


Nat was very happy with the T-shirt Santa brought.


Sophie, who is one half of a pirate rapping duo, got a parrot.


Santa with his little helpers, Claire and Katie.


The agency ‘talent’ show produced some strange sights.

Neil live in concert:


Stuart Smith’s strange performance involved illuminating bits of his body in time to some cheesy organ music.


Stu Harkness in lycra and heels.


Boffey and Claire do Robbie and Kylie:


Stu and Katie going for it:


The crowd went wild.


Good night, John Jay

John Jay was Creative Chief of our Tokyo office and is now based in Portland as global CD. It’s his birthday. David Liu writes:

My son Mikko just turned 4 this past Friday. Ever since he was two, when he would occasionally come to the Tokyo office and sometimes meet John, the kid had it in his mind that papa’s workplace was called John Jay. Since I told him that’s who I worked for, he would ask in the morning, “are you going to John Jay’s” or when I returned, “were you at John Jay’s?” A bit later, when he was three, he began one night saying goodnight to the city outside his 28th floor window, and a habit formed every night before sleep of saying goodnight to a growing list of objects, people, and places outside his window (from it we can see roppongi hills far, far away, and we told him that’s where the office was near). A common list of goodnights would be, “good night city, good night lights, good night combini, good night cars . . .” and within that list would be always, “good night john jay.” so here’s to you john, happy birthday and good night from tokyo from a little four year old.

Impossible Dream screening


This morning we held a preview event at the Hospital in Covent Garden for our new Honda campaign, the Impossible Dream. The campaign is led by an epic 2 minute film that celebrates Honda’s unique spirit. The film follows a man who lip-synchs the Andy Williams classic ‘The Impossible Dream’, while driving a succession of Honda vehicles from the last 50 years. Each of these vehicles, from the very first 1958 Super Cub to the 1965 F1 Grand Prix winning car, to the 225 bhp Honda Formula 4-stroke powerboat is the product of the impossible dreams of Honda’s engineers.

The two minute spot will be supported by 10 second spots, press ads, a booklet explaining the dream behind each product, and a website explaining more of the story.

The ad breaks on December 2nd, and when it does we’ll post it on our main site

Here are some more pics from the screening.

Ian Armstrong of Honda:


Our P lanning Director, Stuart:


Our Creative Director, Tony , presenting the ad:


The audience:


Simon, the star of the commercial:


A-list party

Last night was that evening of glittering stars – the Campaign A-List party. Unfortunately it was a bit dark for my camera phone, as you can see.


But I assure you that the great and the glamorous were out in force. The A-List is an elite cadre of the 540-odd most prominent people in the UK’s ad business. Now, given the size of the industry (not big) that sounds like quite a large number for an elite cadre but, shallow folk that we are, we wouldn’t want to be missed off the list. The champagne flowed, backs were slapped and everyone caught up with the friends and rivals they hadn’t seen since the last A-List party.

Things you’re least likely to hear someone say at this do:

‘How’s it going? Actually, we’ve had a shit year at our agency. We’ve lost loads of business, the work’s poor and we’re all at each other’s throats.’

‘Busy? No, I’ve not had much on recently. Been a bit boring really.’

It’s a confidence game, and there’s plenty of that on display.