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We’ve had some really encouraging feedback about our new Honda campaign. You can see the campaign here. It’s genuinely touching to feel that we’ve made a connection with people. We don’t want to blow our own trumpet too much (yeah, right) but here are just one or two of the remarks that were particularly appreciated here at W+K London:

We’ve never met, but I wanted to send you a note regarding your work for Honda Motor Europe. "The Impossible Dream" is . . . corny? . . .  NO, it’s curious . . . no, WAIT, it’s intriguing . . . no, (20 secs into the spot now) it’s emotional . . . it’s inspirational . . . it’s spellbinding . . . it’s BRILLIANT! Your creative team has engaged and captured the Honda brand.  Keep up the great work!  It’s inspiring (to those of us who appreciate and strive for great marketing.)


I would just like to say that I think the Honda advert is absolutely brilliant, I work for an exhibition graphics company so come across all sorts of logos, icons and brands every working day, I am very interested in how companies sell themselves as it’s something that I am involved in daily. I’m fortunate work with companies and exhibitions from every single industry in the UK, the British Potato Exhibition a personal favourite of mine…not. Many years ago my late father brought home a Gold Honda Civic he purchased from a car auction in a very dodgy part of Birmingham, it was the kind of car that the car auction should have paid him for just to get it off their forecourt. I had the pleasure of driving this hideous looking thing to work on a few occasions, desperately thinking of ways to disguise myself in case any of my friends saw me (a visit to the local joke shop for a false moustache was on the cards). Anyway since that memorable time in my life I have never driven another Honda and never been interested in buying a Honda… until now. I understand Honda sales have increased since WK worked on the campaign and rightly so, the ad is fantastic and one I admire greatly. Aong with the Guiness back in time advert,  it’s one of the best adverts I have seen.  It seems with WK’s ingenuity the Impossible Dream can very much become possible….(That’s a naff pun isn’t it?)


I like that balding handlebar moustache man. He is a hero.

Dear Sir/madam, I have checked on the internet to see who made the new Honda advert with Andy Williams singing, and I believe it is your company. I would just like to congradulate everyone involved, what a fantastic advert, It’s the kind of advert that’s makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck every time I see it. Please could you give whoever was responsable my best wishes, you have made an old man very happy…..

Many Thanks


You really can”t say fairer than that, can you?

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  1. the logo at the end kills the ad. perhaps if it was a little more subtle. this way it woudnt have to seem like the honda creates fantasy, but it participates in fantasy. jeez,

  2. The full advert aired for such a short period, I was wondering…

    Is there any place I could get or even buy a high quality copy of this advert?

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