frighteningly humongous

Received via email:

I used to get really upset about all the dross that spilled out of advertising agencies…The folly of my youth twinned with an insatiable enthusiam to do great work didn’t permit me to see the profound wisdom in all that garbage. Now, I am able to forbear, forgive, overlook and even entertain thousands upon thousands upon thousansds of atrocious adverts, if it means that I can have the privilege of watching just one single…. ‘Impossible Dream’.

You really have identified, trapped and hit a very poignant nerve here. The universal recognition and application of the ‘impossible dream’ is formidable. It’s beyond colossal, it’s frighteningly humongous . Easily the most heart wrenching advertisment I’ve seen for a long time; So much, that it has galvanised me to write this email. (coming from a young, very embittered man, having turned his back on industry which he deemed to be his ‘impossible dream’.) For me, the power of communication is in the tragedy of this man’s quest. It’s a very, very sad advert, yet it’s still positive (you redeem him in the end with the ballon) but the very thought of him chasing a ‘hopeless dream’ softens your heart towards him. His desperation triggers an even stronger despair in the viewer, a hope that maybe, just maybe he will realise his dream. Though your rational mind tells you it’s impossible.The story of a man who is so deluded by his own will to suceed that nothing will stop him in his journey.

Thank you.Thank you for giving me ‘The Impossible Dream’.

The work you boys produce with the help of your agency is the very last vestige of what advertising should be.


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  1. Send us some bad ones – we’ll post ’em. We’re not scared.

    Yeah, it wasn’t intended to be sad. It was intended to be inspiring. But everyone brings their own perspective, I suppose.

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