Cheers, Chuck

Obviously at Wieden + Kennedy we try not pay too much attention to what’s written in Campaign magazine, but there’s a wee thing I spotted in an article about ‘America’s Most Wanted’ – the five most innovative creatives in the US, which gave me a warm feeling.

‘For Tracey Wong (Creative director of Wongdoody) there is one role model. “I believe we are all disciples of Bill Bernbach,” he says…. Yet Chuck McBride’s (CD of TBWA/Chiat Day North America) inspiration comes from W+K London. ‘I guess we Americans are just trying to measure up to the blokes that work on Honda.'”

Blimey. Our blokes should be proud.

shay to stay


Good news, Shay is still Shay, but now he’s official Shay. He’d like to thank everyone at WK Lon and WK ‘Dam for making him and his ex-art director Micky feel so welcome over the last 16 months while permalancing.

Sadly she’s gone to work in a kebab shop in Dubai, so if you’re passing through do say hi.

He’d also like to thank us for giving him the means to buy the Villa in Carcassonne and the Maserati Quattroporte XII. With a special mention to Ben Walker who unselfishly turned down many a pay rise to help him achieve this.

Shay has also been official at other places after studying advertising at Newcastle. Namely 4 years at Lowe Howard Spink, followed by 4 years at the original ‘Weekend’ and Kennedy, Leagas Delaney.

Interestingly Kim and Tony were also schooled under the strict Headmaster Delaney. (Traditional agency TD) But turned out okay, like Shay, sort of, after intense therapy.

He then tarted his way around agencies before eventually ending up here for a week and a bit. Sitting next to Neil (who needed to keep a watchful eye).

Shay is an official team member of the Great Britain pub Olympic team.

Silver in the 2004 Coits, Dominoes and killer medley.

His top tip: ‘Good curry, Brick Lane, 14th or 15th one on the left, orange fascia, I think, near the mini cab place’.

He looks forward to being even more of service.



Look what my mate’s company, Diabolical Liberties, did last night.


Also projected onto Canary Wharf, Big Ben, MI6 and the HMV store at Piccadilly because the DVD went on sale at midnight.



I think we’re getting the idea.


Do you have one on Buckingham Palace?


Don’t listen to them Anna.
I think they’re brilliant.
I can’t get enough of them.
More please.


It’s amazing stuff. They really have no boundaries when it comes to display size.


bazaar of the bizarre

Some strange sights at the COI agency marketplace yesterday. Like a speed dating event crossed with a village fete. In a very odd village.

Not many agency top brass to be seen at 7.30 am when we started setting up.


Some of the agency stalls follow. See anything you want to buy?








‘Agency of the year’ spat: VCCP vs. WCRS



Unfortunate wheel of fortune coincidence for Lowe and Cheetham Bell JWT.



It’s a funny old world.

agency marketplace


Julian writes:

Liz and I were at the COI Borough Market event earlier today. For those of you who don’t know, all agencies on the COI roster were invited to man an agency market stall to meet the COI department clients.

It’s a surreal experience having twenty six agencies side by side, each trying to stand out in their own way. It’s a bit like turning up to a fancy dress party without a theme i.e. when you first arrive your heart either sinks because you’ve massively mis-judged it or you breathe a sigh of relief at having seen how crap everyone else looks. Here’s our stand.


We decided to make it a book stall, to reflect our working method of developing  books that capture thoughts, ideas and expressions of a brand or an idea.

A big, huge thanks for helping prepare for the day goes to Emma Raven, Nico, Mick, Rebecca, Oli and to Liz and Gavin who got up in the middle of the night to be here early doors to set it all up. And of course Darren, Lucy and Simon for coming up with the ‘book stall’ idea in the first place.

Finally, spare a thought for Stu, Kim and Neil who are currently giving it the big "roll up, roll up".


wk side transmission – week 3

Situated on the corner of Hanbury and Wilkes st  in the heart of the east end, WK hosted an evening for strange young things.




flowed, served by the handsome young Thomas.


Paparazzi caught Lady Sarah as she turned up sporting her new figure.


And the entertainment for the night: straight from the streets of Lewisham, the live vocal talents of


could be heard way into the wee hours.


The night went off well, except for a few drunk lads outside, but they soon calmed down for a peaceful end to the night.


Fun was had by all.