wk side – transmission – week one




Wkside to challenge, inspire and learn

Table. First floor. Four comps with all the trimmings. White wall.

Inductions and introductions.

Openness. Sharing and honesty. No one knows everything.

Creativity is subjective so have a reason

It’s about Solutions for Problems

Telling the truth is an interesting way

Get in the mood

Sky one: cooking with hash

Don’t say do

Choose those who push it not please you

Wevs girl is a mega-babe

Orlando doesn’t drink tea or coffee

Tom’s like simon pegg

I’m v.happy to be here.

I feel really blessed working with and in the presence of so many great creative designers all under one roof. Everyone treats you unbelievably nice, so much that I pause to look around sometime to see if it’s really real and if I’m really here….Yeah,” I am and I’m very thankful for being here….”Thanks for having me. W+K’, much appreciated.’


Meeting, greeting, talking and socialising with the W+K Team and seeing such a high quality of work really helps me to understand why W+K are so strong as a creative team and why they seem to be in the top bracket of every one’s list in London and around the world. They work very hard as individuals and even harder as a team.

My insight in becoming a part of the W+Kside team, working for Wieden +Kennedy has been very inspirational on all accounts.







So far the week’s consisted of meeting 3 very creative individuals with different ways of thinking, not to mention a whole company-worth of some highly energetic creative people. Overall it’s been extremely insightful and inspirational and I know that there will be more of that to come.

My highlight so far is being shown how creatives interpret a brief and the gradual stages and thought patterns of the creative journey they take to reach that final BIG idea.

Main points that have stuck in my mind are that W + K is a team.  It’s not about individuals it’s about working together and being willing to share and contribute. The other is that it is not like any other advertising company.  There are no closed doors just big rooms where all ideas are welcome.

Bring on the next three months!


Thanks to all that have spoken to us so freely and especially to our mentors: Sam Brookes, Natalie Field. Lucy Collier, Matt Berry & Matt Boffey.

Work in progress:


dinner with yakult

We had a dinner last night with our Yakult clients Javier, Paul and Chloe to celebrate the successful launch of the new campaign and also Paul’s birthday. An excellent night but probably not a major step forward for our digestive health. Yes, more of Wieden + Kennedy’s booze-fuelled life. Do they ever do any work?


Simon, Richard, Paul and Tony.


Richard, Guy and Adam.


Paul seems to have found something in his drink.


Javier and Paul.


Penny and Chloe.


After months of recruiting and interviewing contenders for WK Side, our scheme to bring in fresh talent from outside the advertising industry, we’ve finally chosen our first four.

They will start today – Monday, 26th September – and will be working with us for the next three months. They are complete novices to the advertising industry so we will be teaching them everything we know. And vice versa.

They’ll be working as team across a number of different tasks for existing/potential clients, agency and community based projects.

We’re really hoping that they will have an opportunity to actually work in some way with each and every one of us. (Arrrrrrrgh!)

Here’s a quick synopsis of who they are and a bit about their backgrounds.

Paul Wetherall (aka Wevs)

Born and bred Essex boy who has a BA in Graphic Design.

He’s been working with Diabolical Liberties coming up with ideas for guerrilla marketing stunts.

He’s the cocky one of the group, with the gift of the gab and (apparently) an eye for the laydeez.

Tom Seymour

First class honours from Central St Martins College of Art and Design.

He’s a multi-talented graphic and product designer who won the OXO Peugeot Design Award 2003 plus other numerous awards for his giant post-it note table.

He’s also working with Tom Dixon on the development of his honeycomb light design and Wayne Hemingway on a project to re-design the Ubank vacuum cleaner.


He’s the daddy of the group.


Orlando Sterling

First class honours degree in multi media graphic design.

Winner of the D+AD student award 2005 – Boomerang Anti-litter postcards

He’s the quiet, ‘deep thinker’ one in the group.

Welcome on board to the team and commiserations to all of you who applied but were unsuccessful.

Our team who have been managing this so far (Sam Brookes, Matt Berry, Matt Boffey, Nat Field, Lucy Collier and Darren Wright) have had an incredible experience being involved in this project. We all underestimated just how much inspiration and insight you can get from meeting such a diverse mix of people. All of whom knew more about W+K than we did and were all desperate to work here. (God knows why!)


Sarah Dagger-Nickson

Sarah started out working for ABC in Australia, writing and recording documentaries on Chile.

She then moved to the UK and has been involved in fashion and has even written a play for one particular brand which was launched in Harvey Nichols.



trying to get in


Last Thursday and Friday we held the interviews for WK Side, our experimental internship/placement programme. This was great fun and we met a load of talented, interesting people. We’ll try to post something on here soon about the two days.

We’re just in the process of advising candidates who has and who hasn’t been accepted. On Monday morning we came in to find the stunt shown above. A couple of applicants, Fabien and Ida, stuck life-size pictures of themselves on the outside of one of our windows, looking as if they were pressed up against the glass, with a note in Ida’s hand that reads ‘Still trying to get in.’

Nice idea. It made us smile. We haven’t chosen these guys for WK Side but we may get them in for something else.

pirate liz

Liz Lee joined today as our new New Business Manager. And today is also national Speak Like a Pirate Day. This is Liz.


The picture above sparked debate about whether she was only wearing one earring, and whether this was a gesture in support of Speak Like a Pirate Day.

MIchael cleared it up for us:

Liz and I have just had a chat in the photocopier room.

The story is not as simple as it seems.

She does have 2 earings in.

But they are different. (Like David Bowie’s eyes).

Good to see W+K’s eccentric hiring policy is still working.

If she had been trying to be piratical, she would have looked like this, as Nguyen demonstrated:


Ad people not disconnected from real world, claims Sam Brookes


There’s an interview about WKside with our Sam Brookes at the site Influx.

They asked her if she thought advertising people are disconnected fom the real world. She denied it all. Hmm, must get back to watching Celebrity Love Island and reading my copy of Heat.

Not sucking ass is grand


The other night’s APG awards ceremony was the biannual UK event that recognises outstanding strategic thinking. Stuart’s paper on the thinking behind the Honda diesel campaign won gold in the main consumer brands category and also won the Big One – the overall Grand Prix. Trevor Beattie, who presented the award, said ‘It’s the finest piece of thinking I’ve seen in 20 years.’ He also commented, ‘Anyone who can call their submission “Why hate doesn’t always suck ass” is a fucking genius in my book.’


We’ve always known that Stuart Smith was a genius but it’s nice to have it confirmed in this way.


Becca Van Dyck joined our table. She was over briefly from Portland helping out on an international Nike project. She was a bit worried that she didn’t have a smart enough outfit to attend an awards do. But that was until she saw the sea of corduroy and facial hair that constitutes a gathering of stategic planners.

Speaking of corduroy and facial hair, the event was chaired in inimitable style by our erstwhile Head of Planning, Russell Davies.