socks with sandals


The results of the wieden + kennedy London staff survey 2005 are just in.

Key findings from our people. Good: people are happy, the culture is strong and the new building is a hit. Evil: deadlines are tough, we have some challlenging tasks and we’re not always as disciplined as we could be. One question we asked was ‘If you could change one thing about wieden + kennedy, what would it be?’ Among the answers was, ‘Stop Gav from wearing socks with sandals.’

Gav is our IT guy. These are his feet. He does always wear socks and sandals. Maybe it’s a South African thing. But if he’s comfy, we’re not going to force him to change.

customised radiator

When we moved into the building we weren’t very happy with the radiators that were fitted in reception. They got easily bashed and looked crap. We were planning to have them replaced but the quotes we got were crazily steep. Then Tony decided to use what seemed to be a design flaw – the way the vanes could be twisted out of shape – to give the existing radiators a makeover.


He’s very happy with this. Decorative and functional. If it still works.


Micky’s leaving us to go and live in Dubai. Which is sad for us but exciting for her. We had a few drinks last night at the Golden Heart.


She sent us really nice farewell message:

I feel proud and privileged to have been part of the Wieden+Kennedy family for 14 months (!) and am genuinely very sad to leave. The work’s great. The people are even better.

And last but by no means least, thank you to Shay for putting up with me for 11 years and sticking with it through thick and thin. Best of British to you mate.


This is Shay, Micky’s (work) partner, whose birthday we also celebrated yesterday evening.

bronwen in portland

Bronwen, our finance director, is just back from a visit to our head office in Portland, Oregon. Here’s her report from the mothership:

Earlier this month I went on a visit to our head office in Portland to meet the people I have been dealing with for the past 1 ½ years.  Here’s a pic of Kim (left), me (middle) and Lori who are my main contacts. 


I had a fabulous time and it was about 35degrees each day so it almost felt like a summer holiday (well especially the weekend trip I added on to Seattle!).  I timed my trip well as on Thursday for lunch they had a bbq for all staff on the rooftop decking.   That’s Chris and Lori about to tuck into their lunch. 


The offices were amazing and I was very impressed with the basketball court and gym complete with a gym timetable.


They even have Pilates classes from 11 to 12 on a Friday which Sev who works with me was rather jealous of!





They have a giant beaver in the recption area.


I also loved that people can bring their dogs into work….although I’m told there are the occasional loudspeaker calls for a swift clean up required. 


Other highlights were a trip to the Nike employee store where I went a bit wild on the shopping and out to a lookout over Portland.  That’s me on the left again and Desiree from our New York office who was also visiting.


What a gorgeous place to visit and what a lovely bunch of people!


There are  a million stories in the naked city and this is just one. We’d been having a problem with someone illegally dumping rubbish outside our building. When it just gets dumped on the corner we have to pay the council for a special refuse collection. But the culprits hadn’t reckoned on our ability to deploy high-tech surveillance techniques: introducing Rubbishcam. Wieden + Kennedy Investigations (Nico,Gav and Nat F) sprang into action, setting up a wee motion sensitive camera trained on the corner. Our covert operation caught the wrongdoer in the act.



Motion_picture_110 Motion_picture_112

It was the council’s own bloody road sweeper dumping illegally! We got him bang to rights. He’s going down.

Run London 2005


After many weeks in development, our new Run London campaign breaks today. It’s back and it’s the biggest yet. In fact, the 2005 Nike 10K will be the biggest running event the UK has ever seen. But this year’s Run London isn’t just a one-off race.

In addition to weekly training runs in nine locations around the capital and the Nike 10K events, Nike has organized a series of timed 5K runs to help people keep running for a whole twelve months.

The theme of this year’s campaign is “I will run a year” and is based on the idea that people are more likely to run if they not only set themselves a goal but, more importantly, they tell someone else about it; they make a pledge.

The brand statement “I will run a year” will be seen across London on poster sites, bus sides and tube ticket barriers along with a multitude of other commitments to run more often including “I will sweat bananas”, “I will take the stairs at Covent Garden” and “I will test positive for Rigatoni”. We always try to include local things particular to certain London areas, so watch out for ones like ‘I will give Uncle Bulgaria the heebie-jeebies’ at Wimbledon.

The Run London website will enable people to register for Run London (from Monday August 15th) and create their very own pledge using a ‘Pledge Maker’. They can further personalize it by uploading an image of themselves to the site and send their animated pledge virally to their friends. Nike will then broadcast the pledges that have been made in the Oxford Street window of NikeTown. The site also carries information on training runs, fitness advice, etc.

The digital bits of the campaign and the CRM programme were created by AKQA, media planning and buying is by MindShare.

Loads of people here at W+K worked on the campaign, with particular mention due to Kerry and Stuart, Beanie, Stuart, and Adam. And others too numerous to mention.

Time to get off your lardy arse and get running, London.