W+K gave a lecture yesterday at the D&AD New Blood event. The theme was ‘crazysensible’ – our belief that in order to do the most extreme creative work, you need the most solid strategic foundation. It’s only when you have the right balance of crazy and sensible that you get ideas that are not only radical but also relevant.

A big crowd turned out:


Tony was crazy:


Matt was sensible:


Brian/Brinjal was the musical director:


Sean demonstrated the crazy/sensible-ometer:


Stuart and Sean here display the correct balance of crazy/sensible. Or is it sensible/crazy?


At the moment the photo below was taken, Tony was saying, ‘It’s important not to make the mistake of thinking we’re just a bunch of crazies who do wacky stuff.’


Every attendee at the lecture was given a lovely free crazysensible T shirt designed by our very own Guy Featherstone and featuring this emblem:


But even if you didn’t make it to the lecture, you will shortly be able to buy your own T shirt from the shop section of our main website at

the excitement of le mans


Every year the petrolheads from Honda’s agencies drive down to Le Mans for a weekend of cars, beer and "Sandwich American" which is a french stick stuffed with ham, cheese and chips. This year we camped at a lovely chateau about a 20 minute drive from the famous Le Mans track.
This is a picture of the team sitting in Grandstand number 1 just down from the Dunlop bridge on the Esses. It’s a Le Mans tradition of ours to drink a bit in the day and then fall asleep in our seats about an hour into the race. This gives the French something to laugh about and allows us to recharge our energy levels to carry on drinking for another 23 hours.
The "Yume no Chikara" boys are clockwise from the guy in the white shirt:
Matt Coombe               Honda
Matt Berry                   W+K
Simon Summerscales  Naked
Andy Hunt-Cook          HS&P
Mark Khoo                  HS&P
Ski                             Matt’s mate
Jonathan Campbell      W+K

W+K in Cannes

Dsc00280 So, that was the Cannes festival. We didn’t have a yacht with bar stools made of whales’ foreskins, as McCann’s did, according to Ad Age:

"The ‘Christina O’ has an internal lounge with a fireplace made of lapis lazuli and — one of its most infamous details — bar stools upholstered with the foreskins of whales. There is also a central grand spiral staircase made of onyx with silver handrails and 18 staterooms, each named for a Greek island."

(For some reason, the words ‘Caligula’, and ‘naff’ spring to mind.)

No silver handrails at the W+K residence, but we did get the Grand Prix. Nice.

Here are a few pics of our lot relaxing and celebrating.

Dsc00244 Dsc00252


Dsc00309 Dsc00311 Dsc00314 Dsc00324

5 rules

Now, I didn’t know we had 5 rules here at wieden + kennedy, but I’ve learned that we do from ‘Good morning thinkers’, the weblog of Joyce Wycoff of Innovation Network.

The rules are:

– Act stupid (You can see more about this one at ‘walk in stupid’ below.)

– shut up

– Always say yes

– Chase talent

– Be fearless

You can

Scarily enough, Joyce quotes Men’s Health magazine as her source for these rules, so maybe if we all start following them we’ll have six-pack abs in eight weeks.

cannes festival


It’s the week of the Cannes advertising festival, the Academy awards equivalent of the industry, and from all over the world winners, losers, schmoozers and boozers are gathering to catch up with old mates, attend parties, drink overpriced lager in the Gutter Bar (7 euros for a small one) and occasionally do some work. An elite cadre is in attendance from W+K, for various reasons, including an advertising ‘masterclass’ that Tony and Neil gave in the Hotel Majestic (above). This seemed to go OK despite our misgivings about client attendees expecting ‘masters’ and getting us two.

Our home for festival week is more homely than the Majestic and the other grand hotels lining the promenade. It’s a villa not far from the sea front with a little pool and the delighfully scatty and very welcoming hostess and owner Liz.

This is it:


Some of the pundits are predicting that our ‘Grrr’ film for Honda diesel engines will do well in the awards judging. But they said that about our Honda ‘Cog’ film two years ago, and we were pipped to the Grand Prix by an ad for Ikea from the US, so we’re not counting any chickens. As usual, we prepare to embrace failure. As Mr Honda said, it’s 90% of sucess.