Lady in the window cont….

Well, the lady (Ann Nazareth) is no longer there but she has left us with a work of art. The Honda Zoomer is designed to be as bare as possible so the owner can personalize it. This is what it looked like before.


Ann is a fibre artist who can weave all sorts of materials into 3D forms. She has transformed our Zoomer using natural cane. This is what it looks like now.



Thanks Ann.

founder’s day

This is what our offices look like from the top of the NatWest tower. It’s amazing what you can see from up there.


Every year we gather on the anniversary of the founding of wieden + kennedy (april 1st, but we slipped a bit this year due to the office move) for a day of craziness, running around, team activities, etc.

Founder’s Day 2005 took place yesterday and involved a treasure hunt ranging far and wide across east London. Intrepid W+K-ers racked up points for their team by eating jellied eels, climbing the Monument, getting tattooed and/or pierced, visiting the Royal London Hospital, playing the piano in the Blind Beggar, mucking out the donkeys at Hackney City Farm, test-driving second-hand cars, generally behaving in a childish and embarrassing manner and, in the process of all this, exploring and learning about the local area.

Inevitably all this culminated in the consumption of alcohol to an immoderate degree at a local hostelry, where each team’s efforts were evaluated and prizes awarded.






Here is my (Neil’s) lovely bike, parked outside our offices yesterday, chained to the lamp-post on the corner of Hanbury and Wilkes Street at about 4.00pm. I only posted the pic on this site yesterday. Bike

By 5.00 my bike was gone. Nicked. Bastards. It has somewhat dented my enthusiasm for the neighbourhood. Other than that, I’m loving it round here.

If you’re in the area and you see someone riding around on my lovely black Trek Navigator T420 – there aren’t too many of them around – kick the villain off it and stand on their neck until the police come.

the way we live now

A couple of days into our new home and things are starting to settle down. The builders are amongst us and may be our companions for some time yet. But already things have changed a lot since we last posted pix on here. Here’s how it’s looking:


The scaffolding has come down from the outside. The graffiti is still there, obviously.This is the glass wall on the Wilkes Street side, on what will be the Sherlock Holmes room.Dsc00002_2

This is the kitchen/cafe in the basement.


This is Darren, soaking up that new leather smell in our plush banquette seating area.


We put this starcase in to link the ground floor reception area with the cafe/public area in the basement.


Here’s ben holding forth.


Here’s our reception.


we’ve moved


We finally actually moved in to our new building (16 Hanbury Street E 1) this morning. Inevitably not everything is ready, there are crates full of crap everywhere, the outside is still covered in scaffolding and I’m not entirely sure if the phones are working. But at least we’re all here.

The place feels very light and airy after our old building. It’s eerily quiet as we haven’t got the sound system hooked up yet. So no Peaches and ‘fuck the pain away’ making the foundations reverberate in the way we’re used to.

Most people had a little wander round the area at lunchtime to see what’s on our doorstep. Seems to be buzzing, with lots of cool shops and interesting little old streets. It all feels quite exciting – like first day of term at a new school.

Now, in which crate did we put the paper for the copying machines…?