the move


Work continues on the new building. We pack up at Great Titchfield Street this Friday and make the great migration east to Hanbury Street over the weekend. On Tuesday morning we start life in our new home.

But, my God, there’s a lot of work still to do on the new place! The first and second floors look like they should be ready in time, apart from the fact that the toilets need work, the blinds aren’t up and we know the padded cell and the magnetic wall won’t be in before Tuesday.

The basement is still pretty much just a building site with scaffolding and rubble everywhere. The rubble is nicely set off by the damp and the places where the rain leaks in through the pavement. But, hey, the staircase to the basement still hasn’t been put in, so maybe no-one will be able to get down there anyway.

Fingers crossed for Tuesday…

runner bean

A message from Bean, from our studio, who is running the marathon:



Training for the London marathon, it’s felt at times like someone out there’s not wanted me to run. Rumours the Kenyan squad were getting increasingly worried about my form make them chief suspects for a series of setbacks which have hampered my preparation. Realistically however, the problems are more a result of an ‘unlucky dumbass’ phase I appear to have gone through recently. I started off training with a cracked rib, and over the last few weeks I’ve been left with only one fully functioning leg. 4 weeks of physio to a ligament in my left knee hasn’t helped much. This can be mainly attributed to the fact the wrong ligament was being treated. Damn those Kenyans!   

It’s since been established I have problems with a ligament close to the one treated, (knees are complicated) a possible bruised bone and damaged nerve. Last weekend I could only run for 20 mins before my knee said hello in a kind of ‘What the f*** you doin?’ type way. This has left me with a difficult decision: Do I run? It’s been not been easy, but the only conclusion I can come to is that if I start on Sunday, I’m not sure whether I’ll finish, but at least by starting on Sunday, I’ll be finishing what I started. I’ve been reassured by an Orthopedic expert that I shouldn’t do any long term damage. We’ve been doing everything possible to minimise discomfort. I’ve had a steroid injection in my knee, I’m icing it 3 times a day, taking lots of pills, and on the day will be using an anaesthetic cream which should help numb the area. It’ll be a different kind of road trip to the one I expected, but it’s set to be a whole lot more interesting.

I’ve been totally knocked sideways by the generosity of everyone who’s sponsored me. I was stoked to be running for the homeless charity Shelter, and can only look on in wonderment at the 2 Grand raised! It’s left me completely gobsmacked. To all that have made donations I’d like to say a huge Thank-You. I’d also like to apologise for the fact you may have bet your money on a lame horse. If I don’t finish on Sunday, I reassure you I’ll have tried my best. You are, after all, one of the reasons I’m still running.

If you’re feeling delusional and would still like to make a donation to Shelter, then you can do so here. There seems little point in encouraging you to sponsor me now though…..

If you’re coming down to watch, then give me a shout, and I’ll pass on some more details. At some point on Sunday afternoon you should be able to find me in a boozer somewhere near the finish.

Thank-you again.




A few of us were invited to a Nike event last night at the ICA. It was a Brazilian-themed evening involving Samba music, caiperinhas and the screening of ‘Ginga’, a new film from Wieden + Kennedy Entertainment in Portland.

Executive produced by Fernando Meirelles, the director of City of God, the film highlights football players at both the local and national level in Brazil, and captures six different players, in different regions and in various arenas of play all around the Brazilian wonderland – the beach, the street, the sandlot. The film is about an hour long, directed by Hank Levine, Tocha Alves, and Marcelo Machado from O2 Films. It’s a great film – the glimpses of the lives of these players are fascinating and their skills are astonishing. Even though at certain points the film slows down their tricks and dribbles so you can follow them more easily, it’s still hard to see just how they do it. I don’t know yet exactly what sort of a release the film will get but if you’re interested in magical football and the role the game plays in the cultural lfie of Brazil, it’s worth checking out.



‘Whoa, zoom, I’d like to fly far away from here
Where my mind can see fresh and clear
And I’ll find the love that I long to see
Everybody can be what they wanna be
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hey, baby.’

So sang shovel-faced Lionel Ritchie and his Commodores back in 1977, not that I was paying attention, as I was much more interested in the Clash.

But now it’s 2005 and we’ve all gone Zoom crazy here at W+K, having taken delivery of a supercool Honda Zoomer scooter, courtesy of our good friends at Honda.

The Zoomer was born in Osaka, Japan. It was created by ‘N’ Project, a group of forward-thinking young designers. The Zoomer was designed to be as bare as possible so that individuals can adapt it to their own spec. And that’s what we’re going to do. We’ll post pics of the modified bike on here when it’s done.

You can learn more about the Cult of Zoomer at

russoff’s travels


Michael Russoff went to India and was discovered on the streets of Delhi by a producer casting for a new Bollywood film. The poster has appeared all over India and hints at the saucy love triangle at the centre of the film.


It’s important when travelling to blend in with the locals. In this photo from Jaipur, Michael uses a bag made from local materials to seamlessly merge into the background. The designer glasses and yellow hooded top are hardly noticeable. The bag contains a copy of Lonely Planet India and two rolls of Andrex.