They love hate


This is an extract from an article in today’s Marketing Week:

‘It had been a tough, typically acrimonious battle selecting the print winner for this year’s Epica, the European creative awards that – uniquely – are judged by journalists rather than creatives…Then we moved on to the the film Epica D’Or – which most would argue is the biggest trophy of all – and something unprecedented happened. For the first time in the 18 years the awards have ben running, a spontaneous decision was reached about the film winner without the need for a discussion of the merits of any other shortlisted candidates. Such was the ad’s brilliance that judges from a clear majority of 23 countries had no hesitation in acclaiming it.

And the winner was…one of the most startlingly creative ads we have seen for a very long time. Grrr (Honda Diesel), the commercial in question, created by Wieden + Kennedy London, is really corporate advertising disguised as a product execution. In this lies the power of imaginative transformation.’

Sean Thompson, one of the writers of the ad, commented:

‘We went to pick up the award on Friday in Budapest. All I can say is I got a glimpse of how Jude Law must feel with all the flash bulbs going off and the TV cameras and microphones shoved in my face. The main difference was I had Richard Russell on my arm and not Sienna Miller and it was Slovakian television but it felt good just the same.’