world’s most awarded 2004

Not that we set much store by awards, but…


The Gunn Report, which rounds up the world’s major awards ceremonies, has just been published for 2004. In the top 5 most awarded commercials in the world for 2004 we take number one (for Cog) and number five (for Everyday/Sense).

Wieden + Kennedy London is the 2nd most awarded agency in the world. (One point behind Almap/BBDO of Brazil. Damn! Those Brazilians are good.)

Must try harder.

Even mums love ‘Grrr’

This is an email someone wrote to our Head of Planning

I’m sure you don’t need me to add to the chorus of approval for your diesel ad, but I will do so anyway.

I knew you had something when consumers in my groups spontaneously raved about the ad in the days immediately after it had broken. And they all knew what it was for, as well. Now my 83 year old mum (who of course knows that all advertising is rubbish) has been raving about it too, so you must be onto something.

Anecdotally, this is the most impactful and widely enjoyed advertising I have come across in years. If people can get buzzing about an ad for diesels, it shows that creative advertising can inspire people about anything!

I hope Honda is delighted and that you win everything going!

Best wishes

the power of creativity

Our creative directors Tony and Kim are in at number 5 with a bullet in the 2004 Financial Times 50 most important creative business people in the UK. The article says:

“What’s the idea? Start from a small business detail and think big. Where’s the cash? Incremental sales of £388 million according to the award-winning Honda paper at the 2004 IPA Ad Effectiveness awards’

‘The pair admit to being appalled when they discovered that Honda was asking ad agencis to pitch work based around the theme ‘The Power of Dreams’. ‘We felt it was so naff as an ad headline we almost walked away from the original pitch,’ says Davidson.”

Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive of WPP, doesn’t make it to the top 10 in the FT’s rankings, languishing at number 11.