W+K in ‘mesmerism’ slur

‘The two minute Gold award winning ad, which follows motion transferred from a small cog thorugh a series of auto parts in near-balletic maneuvers to move an entire Honda car is “mesmeric”,’ said the judges of the Automotive News Europe advertising awards, in awarding the gold for best national TV campaign to our spot for Honda Accord.

Franz Mesmer, the inventor of mesmerism, was born in 1734. He received a good and varied education, which ended with a medical qualification at the age of 32. His dissertation was on the influence of heavenly bodies on people’s health, which he supposed to be by means of “animal gravity”.

At the age of 40 he became interested in the effects of magnets on the body and believed that he had discovered an entirely new principle of healing involving “animal magnetism”. The “animal magnetism” that he used was different from physical magnetism in that he believed that he could “magnetise” paper, glass, dogs and all manner of other substances.

He designed a wooden tub nearly five feet across, and one foot deep, filled with water, patterns of bottles and iron filings. Out of this tub projected iron rods which were held by the patients. Later he “magnetised” a tree, so that patients could be healed by holding ropes hanging from its branches.

He was unavailable for any comment on how this might relate to the Honda Accord ad.

The praise just keeps on coming

Here’s an example of the impact our latest Honda diesel ad, Grrr’, is having on other advertisers:

From: X
Sent: 14 October 2004 16:55
To: Neil Christie
Subject: Not a new business opportunity sorry

Neil – felt compelled to email Wieden + Kennedy. The Honda campaign has had us singing in the office since it launched and the TV advert is so fabulous that words fail me. This afternoon my boss gave me a mailing he received from you guys – a Hate Something Change Something DVD! I’m not sure I’ve ever been pleased to receive a mailing from an agency before. Thanks for sending it and thank you for creating such a stunning campaign.



W+K named agency of the year!

Well, runner-up agency of the year. We just heard yesterday that we’d won some more awards. Which is nice. Here they are:

Media & Marketing Europe Awards 2004
– Best youth campaign (winner): Aiwa
– Best automotive campaign (runner-up): Honda ‘Power of Dreams’. (Volvo S40 ‘Mystery of Dalaro’ won.)
– European agency of the year 2004 finalist: us (M&C Saatchi won)

Kinsale (now called the ‘Shark’ awards, for some reason)
– Grand Prix ‘World winner’ TV: Honda ‘Cog’
– Gold: for TV Honda ‘everyday’
– Gold: for editing: Honda ‘everyday’
– Silver: for TV: Honda ‘Sense’


Every so often, we have what we call a ‘cabinet competition’. We’ve got these cabinets and we get everyone to make stuff based on a theme. This week, the theme was ‘dirt’.

Nicholla made some dirty dishes.Dsc09490


Neil and Julia won the competition Dsc09484

with their dirty bed, un hommage artistique, just large enough for a very tiny Tracy.

Unfortunately, it was tragically destroyed in an accidental fire.Dsc09514