Microsoft superslang

zemblaRussell Davies, our planning director, has written an article for very cool literary magazine Zembla. It derives from his time spent as planner on the Microsoft business at our Portland office and deals with the peculiar language coined and used by employees of Microsoft. You can read it on Zembla’s website at, under the ‘M’ section.

Best in the world

Boards magazine, a US trade publication, has just published its latest ‘best of’ list. It names W+K London as best agency in the world (excluding the USA). It’s official! Our recent spots for Honda come in at numbers 2, 4 and 8 of their best ads in the world rankings. Individuals also make the charts with Kim and Tony named as, disappointingly, only second best creative directors in the world. Impressively, Ben Walker is named as best copywriter in the world and probably also God-King of Space and Time. Matt Gooden comes in with a very poor showing as only fifth best art director in the world. Must try harder.

Additions to W + K Team…

This is our placement team, Julia and Neil…

Helen is helping out in our traffic department…

Give a raptuous welcome to Jenny, our freelance TV Producer.

This is Nick (and an empty chair). He’s missing his sparring partner Rob who’s currently living it up in Las Vegas!

This dynamic duo is Ross & Yann, a welcome addition to the creative department.

Say hi to Charlotte, who is helping us out as our new freelance Account Director.

Here’s Debra & Stephen, our Honda Dealership team…

This is the lovely Mia. She’s the new half of our receptionist team & one of the first people you will see when you visit us.

we’re not worthy

This is from Ad Age. Not a lot to do with us in London to be honest, though we might have chipped in some D&AD points. Mostly won by Portland and Amsterdam.

They Just Did It: Nike Tops Ad Age’s Awards Year In Review

AD AGE this week presents its Awards Year in Review, encapsulating all the major advertising awards – including the Cannes Int’l Advertising Festival, One Club’s One Show, Clios, D&AD Awards, Art Directors Club Show, Andys and Association of Independent Commercial Producers’ AICP Show – with each award assigned a different value. Nike led the way with 52 total awards, 14 more than the closest competitor, and a weighted score of 590, 185 points higher than the second-place finisher. adidas was third in weighted score with 350 and fourth in total awards with 30. AD AGE’s Bob Garfield writes Nike’s work “could well be the greatest pool of work by any advertiser in any category in any given year. Nike owns the emotion and appeal and grit and beauty of sport largely because Wieden & Kennedy so thoroughly understands and communicates it.” Garfield writes adidas’ work, “at first blush, is quite impressive. … But the slogan, ‘Impossible is nothing,’ is nothing, and the selling message is absent” (AD AGE, 8/9 issue).

Another award for Wieden + Kennedy…

TrophiesW&K and Honda have won awards of all shapes and sizes this year but surely the most impressive is this effort, collected at the Max Power awards by Richard Hooker (art director) Unit 9 and Ben Hassler (Designer / Illustrator).
Their work promoted an advanced driving scheme which Honda and Max Power have set up together.
D&AD take note. This award is a shelf in itself and towers over your own feeble looking effort (side by side picture attached).
Richard Hooker is now doing weight training in preparation for next year’s awards.