Who’s Naked?


Meet Simon aka Rocket Racer

Simon works for Naked communications (helping clients build effective relationships between brand and tarket market) and is currently working with us 1 day a week, the aim is to get involved with the creative process and be on hand for media issues.

The real reason is that he is an all round nice guy and we just like having him around!

cog – the answers


About this time last year we made the Honda Cog ad. It seemed to go down quite well. Created a bit of a stir. But what’s been interesting has been watching the online conversations develop about it. People having been talking about it in all kinds of places – forums (fora?) discussion groups, blogs. And there have been furious arguments about whether it was real or CG. Normally agencies just ignore these conversations, but we thought it would be good to actually get involved and tell people how we really made the ad. So we posted some answers here(scroll to the bottom). It’s going to be interesting to see if anyone still cares.

Being the receptionist…..


First impressions are everything, the right smile, the right tone of voice, the right clothes and the right body language can make a big difference. With this in mind I aim to follow a set of basic rules:
1. Teeth are to be clean and white
2. Bed hair bad, clean and combed good
3. Clothes clean and ironed – with the occassional colour co-ordination with accessories

However sometimes these fall by the wayside, like today for example as my hands look like I have some rare skin disease.

The moral of the story is never rush fake tan just before bed.

The All Girl Placement team


A VERY BIG welcome to the new placement team (from left to right) Iskra and Jo!!!

Likes: Trees
Dislikes: Liars
Best 3 Ads in the World…. Ever!

1. “No ad can be the best ever, but I really like the MTV Yukka Brothers”


Likes: Frozen Yogurt
Dislikes: Grumpy People
Best 3 Ads in the World…. Ever!

1. Hans Brinker Budget Hotel – Kesselskramer
2. BBC Radio 1 extra – Fallon
3. Heineken Campaign – CHI

Ummm girls no mention of Honda “cog”?